Can Religion Play a Part in Addiction Recovery?

Addiction is a disease that grows when you’re isolated. It makes you destroy even the closest relationships you have, including the relationship you have with God. Oftentimes, crises with faith feed an addiction. They can make rehabilitation look impossible to accomplish. When you reconcile that crisis, you’ll find that you can incorporate faith into your recovery. Through religion, you can find the guidance, support, and comfort you need on your road to sobriety.

The Role of Faith in Addiction Recovery

 While many people blame a spiritual being for cursing them with their disease, you need to work through your complicated feelings to really heal. Working through your spiritual doubts and reconnecting with your faith will help you find yourself after addiction treatment.

When you’re suffering from addiction, your whole purpose in life is to feed that need. Addiction therapy can seem scary and lonely. You may have feelings of worthlessness going through the process but connecting with God can give you a new sense of purpose and boost your self-worth.

Gaining a new sense of purpose is extremely important to being successfully sober. Without purpose, your sobriety can feel meaningless and dull. While not that much actual research has been done on the connection between sobriety and religion, many studies have shown that religion has a positive effect.

Your faith can also give you the emotional and mental support that you need to establish sobriety. With religion, you don’t have to face the challenges of recovery alone. Looking to a higher power can give you encouragement and guidance. When you give your uncertainties and fears to God, you’ll find that you might already have a plan in store.

Feeling like you have a place in the world while sober is both humbling and inspiring. It helps you know that, while it’s difficult today, you have hope for your future.

Practicing Faith in Addiction Recovery

 Many recovery facilities, especially rehab facilities in NJ, include religious components in their treatment programs, but you have to spend every day working on improving your relationship with God.

For many people, both with and without addiction, the belief in God is only apparent on Sundays when they attend church. When you’re going through recovery, you have to acknowledge that faith every day to really experience the positive effects. Here are a few simple things that you can do every day to improve your faith:


  • It can offer the comfort you need on days when sobriety seems too hard.


  • This exercise can bring you closer to God and can offer guidance.


  • Share your faith with others. Talking about God can help you take the focus off your addiction and connect with other people.


  • Cherish the little things. When you cherish the little things, you get closer to God and become thankful for coming so far in your recovery.

Practicing these small things daily will help you stay grounded and connect with God as you work through recovery. You don’t have to go to a religious center to get in touch with God. Wherever you are, you can stay connected to God by just talking to him.

The Bottom Line

Religion isn’t right for everyone, but those who incorporate their faith into their rehabilitation often see lower levels of anxiety, greater optimism, higher stress tolerance, and greater levels of social support from others.

Religion can give you hope for tomorrow, for the future, and beyond. Regardless of how you choose to express your religion, your practices should have good intentions and be based in love and compassion. With religion, you can truly find what you need to get you closer to your life’s purpose.

For those going through addiction recovery, faith can play a huge role in the process. You can’t get by on just faith alone. Religion is paired with other forms of traditional kinds of treatment, including medication, counseling, and therapy. These combinations can get you and keep you sober.

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