Christian and Plastic Surgery – What Does the Bible Say About It?

Christian and Plastic Surgery – What Does the Bible Say About It?

Do you remember the story in the bible (from the book of Luke) about that servant’s ear that was cut off by Peter? Jesus touched the man’s ear and instantly healed him. He put back the ear at its right place. It delighted the man.

In the modern world, the process of reconstructing a deformed body part is called plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons help those people with deformities and make them whole again. Their job is one of the most rewarding jobs in this world. People with deformities are forever grateful to them.

That’s the reason plastic surgeons exist. God knows that some people will need them. Yes, before we even ask, God already answers. He knows that surgeons can change someone’s life for the better. He also knows that it can change someone’s life for the worse like these celebs

Why do you want the procedure?

Nothing in the bible mentions about plastic surgery as a sin, or if Christians are not allowed to have it. In fact, plastic surgery still doesn’t exist when the disciples of Jesus wrote the bible. It did talk about loving yourself, inside and out. The book of Philippians also warns us not be conceited or vain.

Are you one of those people who considers plastic surgery? Why? If you’re only insecure about how you look, try to really think about it. Remember that changing your physical appearance will never treat your insecurity. It’s not going to change your life. It may make you feel better temporarily, but not for a long time. Insecurity happens when you think you’re not good enough. This has something to do with how you think, and not with how you look.

The gift of free will

We are blessed to have an all-loving and all-forgiving God. So he allows us to make our own choices. Yes, he won’t get mad at you for getting a facelift or liposuction. He gave us the choice to do whatever we wanted with our lives.

Since he gave us this free will, he also expects us to be responsible with the choices we make. There are risks involved in plastic surgeries . If you plan to take this procedure, you should be ready with the consequences of it. And don’t start blaming God for what happens to you. Take responsibility for your own actions.

Experiences change you

A plastic surgery – whether it goes well or not — still changes you. You may realize that while looks are important, what matters is still the person inside you. Soon, you’ll find out that beauty isn’t everything.

To those with not so pleasant experiences, they may realize that sacrificing comfort for temporary happiness is not the answer. There are far better things in this world.

Acceptance is the key

Don’t ever think that having small breasts means you’re not attractive. Or being fat is gross. Accept your flaws and your imperfections. They make you who you are. We are made in His image and likeness. And God is beautiful. So are we.

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