Prayer Can Be An Adventure


Prayer can be an adventure if you have learned to pray in faith. On the other hand, we can hinder what God wants to do through us and for us if we are not praying in faith. Here is an example from my experience; At one point in my life I was a Taxi driver. I was parked in the city one day, waiting for customers. Two people walked up to the Taxi supporting an Indian lady, who seemed to be in a lot of pain. She wanted me to take her home, a journey of about 40 kilometres. I was reluctant to take her that distance in her distressed condition, and suggested she be taken to a doctor. She was insistent on being taken home first, and then she would see a doctor.

I was not comfortable with it, but finally agreed to her request. After a few minutes of driving it came to my mind that I should pray for her. I explained to her I was a Christian, and God has said if we lay our hands upon the sick He would heal them. I expected her to say no thanks, but she surprised me by thrusting out her right arm so that I could put my hand on it. I put my hand on her arm and asked God in Jesus name, to heal the trouble. Then I returned my full attention to driving. I was trying to see out of the corner of my eye if there had been any change in her condition. Then the Holy Spirit said to me in my spirit, “you are hoping she is healed, that’s not faith”. I saw my mistake and in my heart, I said, “OK Lord, I have obeyed your word, I receive her healing now, by faith”.

Within a few moments I heard her humming a song to herself, and I could see she was relaxed, smiling and looking out the window enjoying the ride. At the end of the journey she thanked me with a big smile on her face. I had a big smile on my face too. I knew about the importance of faith, but had forgotten it in that moment. That Hindu woman would not have experienced the reality of Jesus, and I would not have had the blessing of seeing her healed, if God had not reminded me about faith. If I had carried on hoping for her healing, nothing would have happened.

Jesus was always looking for faith in people, and He was greatly pleased when He met people who had plenty of it. Faith is simply believing what God has said, to be true, over and above everything else. Jesus gave us clear instruction on how to pray in faith; “For this reason I tell you: when you pray and ask for something, believe that you have received it, and you will be given whatever you ask for”. (Mark 11:24) Once God had reminded me to have faith, my prayer was an example of that verse.

I knew the New Testament says, “you will lay hands on the sick and they will recover”. (Mark 16:18) On the basis of that promise, I prayed for the Hindu woman and I received the answer before I saw it happen. That’s faith. If you want to please God, look for ways to have faith in all of the circumstances of your life, and especially in prayer. It will be an adventure. You and God working together to get results for His Kingdom.