Rediscovering Your Faith at Notre Dame

When thinking about where to go to find one’s faith again, think no further than Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and you could be struggling with a substance abuse treatment center. You could be confused as to whether or not there is a way to fix this situation. You might be dreading having to go to a Christian drug rehab. No, we are not talking about that Notre Dame in Indiana but the original Notre Dame, which gave everything else with its namesake the same identity. The cathedral carries a lot of uniqueness, which makes the church beautiful and amazing. Begun in the twelfth century, construction on the cathedral continued for three hundred years. The church itself is in great condition and has suffered next-to-no damage during its long existence.

With its Gothic-style architecture, the church can make you think as if you are living in a different time altogether. Builders in a number of countries constructed churches in this style from the twelfth century up to the sixteenth century. Some are still around today, such as Notre Dame.

But while Notre Dame endures, faith sometimes does not. The key here is to remember that it can be a struggle to regain one’s faith. It is never easy once you have lost faith in God himself. Having a strong and powerful church, where you can pray and reflect on what went wrong in your life, may be the great purpose of Notre Dame in your life.

Looking at the history of Notre Dame may make your experience of prayer there even more meaningful. You could think yourself a crusader who prayed at the church before he left to fight in the Middle East. You may imagine the beautiful polyphonic music that was created within the cathedral itself. Imagine, maybe, the changes to the church throughout the French Revolution and how Napoleon wanted the French government to be more powerful than the church. You might begin to start seeing how active this church has been over the years.

You might sense how much history this church has seen. That could be the proof you need to understand how God has been active in the world. He may have helped you eliminate your substance abuse issue and guided you throughout the Christian drug rehab experience. He has made changes and he can help you through your troubled time. Paying attention to the change of seasons in your life, as Notre Dame has endured during changing seasons over its own existence, could be the real push you need to accept that change is normal. Maintaining faith in this change and God’s role in it may be the key to preparing for a mature and sober understanding of your future.

About the author: Tommy Zimmer is a writer whose work has appeared online and in print. His work covers a variety of topics, including politics, economics, health and wellness, addiction and recovery, and the entertainment industry.