Stay Away From Charlie Charlie Challenge

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There is a new challenge game that is taking over the internet, schools and homes inspired by the Ouija-board. But what is this new Charlie Charlie Challenge game about and why should you stay away from it?

Within 48 hours, this new Ouija-board inspired game is the latest news that has almost everyone talking about it and schools banning students from playing it at school. Players of Charlie Charlie Challenge connect with a dead Mexican spirit known as Charlie.

The game is basically played by placing two pencils on a piece of paper in the shape of the cross with the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Players are then repeat the phrase “Charlie, Charlie can we play?” in order to connect with the demon.

If Charlie is there the pencils will move to indicate his answer. If “present,” then questions of any kind are asked…and answered. To end the game, players say, “Charlie, Charlie can we stop?”

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Should You Play Charlie Charlie Challenge?

If you are invited or see your friends playing this game, please have nothing to do with it, don’t even watch the game being played; it is demonic and forbidden by God (Leviticus 19: 31; 20:6) STAY AWAY FROM IT!!!

This is not a game but it is actually getting involve in the occult. The word “occult” basically means that which is hidden, or secret, beyond the range of ordinary human knowledge or below the surface of normal life. It is consulting with Satan and his demons. God want us to have no dealings with spirits as it will destroy us.

The game should not be played because:

  1. You are receiving information that was not made available to you by natural means or from the Holy Spirit, but through the spirit realm from a demon. That is call divination
  2. Charlie Charlie Challenge has to do with communicating with demonic forces, or energies, or powers base on your geographic location
  3. Playing Charlie Charlie Challenge will open the door for demons to come into your life and cause havoc in your life and family. Playing this game will not only affect you, but it will affect your family and anyone around you while playing the game

What do you have to say about this new game?


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