Divorce – How To Remain Godly When the Assets Are Split

The very first thing that Christians are faced with in a divorce, is that God is against it. The union of the husband and wife is tied to their union with God, and when this is severed, something happens to their relationship with God. When the proceedings are already underway, and financial assets need to be divided, it’s important to remember that there are others looking in, and couples are encouraged to remain spiritual throughout the process even when things are at their worst.

How to Be A Good Steward During Divorce

Even the most amicable divorce can be painful and during this time, couples are called to be good stewards of their possessions even when everything is falling apart. The family home and other shared assets are right at the heart of the proceedings, and there are two things to take into consideration:

·         Only take over what you can afford.

Be careful not to act in greed, but rather trust that God will meet your needs (Phil 4:19). Furthermore, getting into further debt will cause further anxiety as God says in his word that the borrower will be a slave to the lender (Prov 22:7). It is only natural to want to get as much of the assets out as possible for both parties, but it should also be done with respect for the other person. Furthermore, when children are involved their best interest should also be considered. A parent who is struggling financially will not only give them the wrong idea in terms of good stewardship of their own funds, they may also feel that getting into debt is normal.

·         When selling is in your best interest, then sell.

This is often a tough one to agree to, especially when there are children involved. Holding onto an asset that is no longer affordable if you are single handedly covering the cost of the mortgage will cause anxiety and stress (Matt 6:34). When these assets have debt already, the loan agreements will need to be taken into consideration. Co-signers are equally responsible for 100% of the debt, not just 50/50.

If you’re concerned that your future ex might dump you into a credit war, it’s important to remove your name from the agreement as soon as possible or pay off the debt. This will ensure you remain credit worthy.