10 Holiday Gifts for Kids to Teach Them Financial Responsibility


How do parents prepare their children for financial success? When is the right age to do so? It is important to instill in a young child’s mind the importance of saving and spending. Sometimes, parents are having a hard time teaching their children the value of money, not realizing that there are a lot of creative ways do so, rather than getting them to boring financial classes or letting them read adult financial books.

Christmas is fast approaching. Why not take this opportunity to give your child a very useful guide to teach them the value of financial success? Have you thought of the best useful gift you could give to your children this coming jolly season? As it is Cash Mart‘s advocacy to teach financial responsibility for all ages, here are some of the best gift ideas that they suggest to help you and your kids understand how to handle and manage money properly:


The Kids’ Money Book

The revised and updated edition of Jamie Kyle McGillian’s discusses thorough financial guide for kids. The book talks about various topics such as budgeting, making money, investments, and donations at a young age.

With insights on how to deal with allowances, how to become a young entrepreneur, differentiating needs and wants, and sharing your wealth to others in who are in need, The Kids’ Money Guidebook will surely awaken your child’s entrepreneur wannabe dreams. 

Financial Peace Junior

A perfect gift for fun games and stories for better appreciation on learning all about money. Financial Peace Junior comes with an activity book, parent guide, Launchpad shirt and stickers, dry erase board with magnetic labels, free video lessons, and many more. Packed with step-by-step coaching for parents, it will guide you in teaching your kids the wisdom of working for money, saving, spending and giving. It is also filled with tools you need to make learning about money interactive and fun.



For teenagers (recommended for ages 13 and up), learning is more entertaining when done on a computer! CashCrunch 101, a free computer game from CashCrunch that will teach your “young adult” about personal finances and the importance of saving more and spending less in a fun and techy way. Using fun characters such as Debbie Debt, Sammy Savings, and Mo Money, they will teach your “young adult” how to manage money faster than educating them in a classroom in a manner.


Cash Register

Do you want to know if your child got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Then go to a cash register as a Christmas gift! An enjoyable and interactive game that will stimulate your child’s imagination of having their own business while learning about money. Your 6-year old daughter could act as the store owner while your 5-year old son buys toys from his sister using play money. Add the sounds and buttons that makes being an entrepreneur fun, their negotiation skills and basic math knowledge are also being sharpened while interacting!


Smart Piggy Trio Bank

Impart to your children the importance of allocating money wisely with 3-in-1 Trio Bank. A piggy bank with three sections – spend, save and share, it gives them the idea of setting their budget. It has easy-to-access boxes with magnetic closures for your child to keep track of their balances.


Play Money Kit

What’s the best gift to familiarize your little ones with money? Play Money kit comes in identical images of real bills and coins. With this, they can acquaint themselves and learn how to count using the money.

Your children can interactively play roles in an entertaining way that will teach them the value of money, using it to spend or save, while learning the basic math.


Moon Money Jar

A three-part money box, it will educate your children about money and allocate it for different purposes. A save, spend, and share compartments all encompasses the money jar. It is made up of a removable acrylic lids placed in a tin box that comes handy measuring 5 x 5 x 5 inches.


Kids Investing Guide

Children nowadays are very eager to learn new things and concepts. You’ll be surprised to realize that your youngsters can comprehend financial topics at such a young age, and learn how to invest early is topping the list.

With various kid-friendly financial products being offered, it’s becoming a trend that teenagers are inclined to learn how to grow money. Growing money is an easy to understand book that deals with financial topics such as mutual funds, bonds, stocks, savings, and such. It comes with various activities and fun quizzes that greatly helps them to realize their financial risk tolerance.

The book enhances their imagination on how and where to invest using their imaginary dollars, giving them tips on how to read and analyze stock pages, and monitoring their profits and losses.



Probably one of the oldest property trading board games that deals with investing, spending, and trading properties. An interactive game that lets your children trust their instincts in deciding whether to invest in a property they’ve landed, or saving money to purchase the next big property earner available for them to purchase.

The game’s goal is to monopolize the real estate ventures until all your competitors declared bankruptcy. This is the best group game for youngsters and adults to interact with each other while learning how to strategize to stay on top of the game.



A board game that can be played by 2-4 players, the objective is to be the top player who has the most cash and savings at the end of the game. The game partakes basic family finance planning by budgeting funds and paying bills on a monthly basis.

Teaching your child positive financial habits in a creative way makes learning fun and enjoyable. It is a critical life skill that every parent should impart to their child to help them in their future.


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