Baby proof your house with these DIY electrical changes

Having a baby is a game-changer for anyone. It is a life changing event and a pleasant one too! All are happy and sundry till the baby starts to crawl around and explore his surroundings.

From un-gated steps to low-leveled tables and most importantly electrical wiring and sockets, everything needs to be baby-proofed. Electrical wirings, sockets, and extensions create a lot of mess as it is and with a baby crawling around, it is important to keep everything out of reach of your little, exploring scientist!

Many electricians in Sydney provide services for baby-proofing your house. Here we have shortlisted a few electrical changes that you can make to baby-proof your house.

Replacing Normal Electrical Receptacles!

Now that your little crawler has started exploring everything within his/ her reach, it is time to change the electrical receptacles around the house. Electrical receptacles are the most dangerous as your little one can easily poke a finger and get electrocuted. Replacing your normal electrical receptacles with tamper resistant receptacles is one of the best ways to prevent any unforeseen accident.

Electrical contractors can make this chore easy for you but if you want to, you can do it yourself as well. Tamper resistant receptacles are filled with plastic which are actually spring loaded shutters. These shutters only open up if they are pushed simultaneously, as in when you are plugging in something.

Your little one, no matter how hard he/ she tries, will not be able to poke his/ her fingers simultaneously in all the openings of the receptacle.

Use Electrical Outlet Caps!

You may have replaced all the electrical receptacles around the house but don’t underestimate your little crawler. Every empty receptacle is an opportunity to poke something in it. Though the tamper resistant receptacles prevent any major disasters from happening, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Plastic electrical outlet caps are available in the market and can be plugged in directly into the receptacle. Since the exposed part of the outlet cap is completely flat, your child is unable to grip it and pull it out making it one of the best ways of electrically baby-proofing your house. However, you will have to be extra vigilant about putting it back on, once you have used the socket!

Electrical Cord Caps

Anything that is within your little crawler’s reach needs to be baby-proofed and that includes all the electrical cords around the house. Plugged in electrical cords are an open invitation for your explorer and trust us, it is not only easy but also a very enjoyable activity!

It is impossible for anyone to supervise a child 24 hours a day and to prevent any accident, it is better to nip the evil in the bud! You can either hide the cords by moving furniture in front of them or to use electrical cord caps. These electrical cord caps are made up of clear plastic and can be easily removed by you but not by your baby! Furthermore, they give a very neat look.

Electrical Extensions!

With almost every member of the household owning a phone or a laptop, it is no surprise that electrical extensions are everywhere. Not only do they look ghastly but they also present a dangerous opportunity for your crawling baby to get entangled in the wires or poke something in the sockets!

To prevent such accidents, you can either buy a strip cover that completely covers the power strip or you can use a plastic box with a lid to place the power strip in. You can make small holes for the wires to pass through discreetly at the backside of the box. Electrical contractors can easily cover up these extensions with power strip covers that match your interior!

Manage Your Electrical Cords

Electrical cords are not only hazardous for your baby but also give an unsightly appearance to the room. The best way to manage electrical cords around the house is to shorten any cords that are unnecessarily long and to secure any cords that run along the cord.

Make sure that your appliances are not always plugged in, as the cords can be easily pulled by your baby and can cause injury.

Baby-proofing your House is Just as Important as Setting Up your Baby’s Nursery. It is Always Better to be Safe Than Sorry!