Parents, Does Your ‘Parenting Style’ Help Or Hinder Your Kids Chore Habits

The results of a new study have been released that claims over 75 percent of teenagers don’t know how to put laundry in a washing machine while nearly half never do .

Most parents would love their to out around the house, so how have these children escaped household tasks?

Most parents would love their kids to help out around the house, so how have these children escaped household tasks? The answer isn’t as simple as you may think as there are many reasons why parents may let their children off the hook. See if you fall into one of these categories and if you do, check out our other article on “what to do if your child won’t work”.

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softy parenting style family kids chores

The Softy

You don’t want to see your children upset. You love them more than anything in the entire world and you really get pleasure out of making sure they are well fed, clean and looked after. That’s what you tell yourself anyway. In reality you could do with a little help but you don’t want to rock the boat and break that unbreakable bond by causing friction.

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Little Secret – you won’t!


guilt ridden family parenting style chores kids

The Guilt Ridden

You know you should spend more time with your child, you feel bad for working the hours you do and so you compensate by making sure they never have to lift a finger. Whether you live with them full time or see them on weekends, you don’t want the precious time you have to be spent arguing over chores.

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Sound familiar?

family parenting style kids chores control freak

The Control Freak

Be honest, you’re happy your children don’t do chores as when they do you spend your time following them around doing extra. The saying, “if you want a job doing properly, do it yourself” was made for you and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


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worrier parenting style kids chores family

The Worrier

We’re all a little guilty of this. Of course we want our kids to be independent but what if they burn themselves on the hob? What if they accidentally swallow bleach or cut themselves with a sharp knife? The best way to let go is to teach them how to use potentially dangerous items yourself.

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parenting style memory keeper chores kids family

The Memory Keeper

You remember when you were young, you hated your childhood and you’re trying to be oh so different to your own parents. You were always running errands and at times felt like a slave so you don’t want your children to feel the same way.

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parenting style single parent parents family chores kids

The Parent

Single parents often, unfairly, feel they need to take on the role of both parents. They also feel misplaced guilt over the absent parent and so do what they can to compensate. If there is another parent that’s estranged, the single parent will not want to be seen as the bad guy. Imagine how much easier it would be though if your child helped around the house.

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