Top Attractions For Kids At NYC’s Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo in NYC is an exciting place featuring over 4,000 animals offering a matchless display of exhibitions, viewing spots and wildlife. Spanning 265 acres, the zoo delights both children and adults alike for its wonderful range of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. For its incredible animal and interactive exhibitions, coupled with the enormity of the place, this world famous zoo in the Big Apple is a must-visit spot for people across all age groups. Explore the place, and have an unforgettable experience.

Here is a list of top attractions for kids at the Bronx Zoo:

#Tiger Mountains

Take your kids to this 3-acre space which is home to the Siberian tigers. The tigers here are kept in a special setting simulating that of the mountains on the Russian-Chinese border. Enjoy the activities done here to stimulate the tiger’s’ natural instincts.

#Dinosaur Safari

Be greeted by lifelike dinosaurs on a ten-minute ride through the woods. Enjoy this amazing safari attraction that takes you to the ‘age of the dinosaurs.’ Kids will get to see the gigantic animals up close and feel mesmerized.

#Wild Asia Monorail

Be part of this exciting 20-minute ride and get to see lots of animals. Just sit back, relax and pass over the Bronx River to enjoy the natural beauty and gaze at animals as varied as tigers, rhinos and elephants. However, this ride only runs from May to October every year so plan accordingly.

#Sea Lion Pool

Take your kids to this charming historical park and let them see the sea lions and their theatrics. Your kids can sit for hours and watch the animals swim or play. The place is quiet and gives a soothing feel. With the exception of Wednesdays, visitors here can also attend the feeding sessions of the sea lions.

#Bug Carousel

Great fun on the Bug Carousel awaits visitors. Let your kids have a joyous ride on their favourite bug. Amazing colors on the ride add further charm to the swinging and swaying act. Choosing your favorite bug is always going to be fun for the kids.

#Camel Ride

If your kids are fond of riding Camels, bring them to here to the Wild Asia Plaza. A real camel is there to hop on for a ride around the ring. With step-ups in place, kids needn’t worry about hopping on and off the animal.

#Gorilla Congo Forest

Give your kids the matchless experience of seeing gorillas up close. Enjoy the sight of gorillas climbing and playing with one another. Try waving at one of them and chances are, they’ll wave back! All this will surely delight your kids.

#Aquatic Bird House

Kids will love exploring this large bird house where a close-up view of the dozens of bird species is a major attraction. In this sanctuary, kids can see species such as puffins, kookaburras, frogmouths and much more.

Take your kids to the Bronx Zoo and get the best out of your New York City tours.