What Impact do Technology Have On Senior Care?

The rate at which technology is fast changing is a raising concern to almost every individual in the world. We find that there are most improvements in our societies, government growth and more knowledge can be gained as compared to the past. Technology is changing the way people age; it is enabling older adults to become healthier, connected, secure and more independent. Communication developments, improvement in medicine, and even in robotics will help caregivers and the aging to achieve the best.

What do the seniors gain from the growing technology? The effects the aging population in the world will have on health and social systems is raising concern. Thus the developing country population is accepting new solutions which are aimed to help the seniors.

  1. Improves Positive Health for Seniors

Many seniors find it difficult to keep records of their medications. The reason being they are on high medication with so many prescriptions to take. As much as pillboxes may be of help, with technological solutions which helps to adhere the medication schedule will be much simple and straightforward. Through medical solutions, technology has a direct impact on senior care.

Using comfort Keepers, for example, provides technology-based medication that starts from automated daily medication reminders to more improved medication dispensing technology. Caregivers and seniors can make use of smartphone applications which include the Personal Caregiver or Rxmindme medication reminders to prevent prescription errors and missing any medication.

Also, health tracking online tools make the process to maintain and assess senior’s health information more straightforward and readily available. The use of cloud-based health information and smartphone apps can help caregivers to keep information such as doctor’s contacts, medical history, medication schedules, and the health conditions.

Health tracking tools, for example, I and my caregiver make it easier for senior care experts to access all information about a senior patient thereby helping them take caution when making treatment decisions. Through technology solutions, seniors can stay back at home while taking proper medication and dosage.

  1. Building communication network

Even though aging adults continue to lag behind their younger generation in adopting new technology, there is an increase in some elders who are using the Internet, Skype, Facebook and other tools to keep a connection with friends, family members, and caregivers. Social connection for instance video chatting will keep the seniors in touch with their loved ones. Older adults are becoming more interested and involved in using the technology which allows them to stay connected socially, with family, and with their caregivers. According to research done, keeping an active connection with the aging is healthy. The reason being it helps them maintain a healthy body.

  1. Immediate help in case of an emergency

There is now a solution for seniors who live alone in their homes but remain in danger of experiencing emergencies. Through the safety choice technology, a senior can press a button for help in case they fall sick, or there is an emergency. Being able to receive fast treatment after an emergency reduces the likelihood of long-term effects and also reduces the extent of injuries and illnesses that could be caused by the previous emergency that the senior experienced.

  1. Exercises can be done easily

Physical inactivity is more dominant among the older people mostly living in nursing home, and this group is increasing at a high rate compared to other groups in developed countries.  There is an economic burden posed by the insufficient activity that negatively affects their health and the quality of life due to its association with chronic diseases such as disability and mortality. Use of video games will help the body and mind moving as they are being engaged.

Many caregivers assisted by the living communities have already adopted the recreational and exercise benefits that sports games offer to the aging adults. Seniors living at home benefit by owning video game system which is controlled by motion. The games offer a fun and excellent opportunity for seniors to engage in a light physical activity without having to travel to recreation or exercise areas. For exercises that help them mentally, they should try games such as memory matching, spatial recognition, and ones that help them recall. You should encourage the seniors to do more practice on their own and other times get help from some of their family members or their caregivers.

  1. Having essentials delivered to their doorsteps

Healthy eating is a component that ensures the emotional and physical strength of well-being. Driving would be much challenging for an aging parent which means an alternative method to have groceries and medication will be required. Online grocery shopping is recommended to make things easier, efficient and home friendly Thus reducing the energy and time that would be spent standing and walking around searching for the items in the market.

Consider showing the senior parents how to take orders from the online grocery and stores for other essential products so that they feel more independent. In cases where it is difficult for them to make their orders, you can also order the items for them and arrange for deliveries at their doorsteps. Technology, therefore, saves the energy and time you would spend to purchase and deliver the products.

Technology plays a vital role in the senior care sector. For instance, there is an active connection with family members regardless of their location. Healthwise all medical administration and emergencies are well catered for the use of the smartphone apps. Thus, technology has taken part in improving living conditions for the aging making them independent also.


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