Guys, 10 signs you will never be more than just friends

You both have been friends for a long time but you would love for your relationship to be more than just friends. The friendzone is a place many guys do not want to be in, but sometimes that’s all you will ever be, a friend, nothing more no matter how close you guys are and how often you hang out together. Sadly, most people in the friend zone don’t have a clue whether they’re there or not.

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But how can you tell if you’ve been friendzoned? How can you tell if you will never be more than just friends?

  1. You know when she invites her friends when you guys go out together, on what you think is a date. You can know when someone is really interested in you when she will do anything to spend quality time with you, even cancel dates with her girlfriends. When she starts involving her friends or want to include them on your dates or when you guys hanging out together then you know she’s just trying to put you in the zone.
  2. You can come over to her house with her parents there and they are cool with you guys in her bedroom alone, with doors close. Her parents gives you free access to come over whenever you want, even to sleep over if you want as they know nothing will happen. You guys are just friends, no attractions, no strings attach.
  3. When she introduces you, she introduces you as ‘just a friends or her brother’. Everyone knows that your just her friends and nothing more will come of the relationship. You do not need a clearer sign than this.
  4. She tries to hook you up with someone. You know that you do not stand a chance when she starts setting you up with other girls. What that simple means is that she has no interest in you relationship wise. As much as she likes hanging out with you and talking to you, even sharing her problems and secrets she thinks you guys will be nothing more than just friends
  5. She tells you that your like a brother to her. I don’t think I should say anything about this as that’s pretty clear that she is sees you like one of her brothers, her buddy.

6. She often times tell tells you how she wishes she could have someone like you. Even the blind could see that you will never be more than just friends.

  1. She is not afraid of expressing her interest in other guys around you, and I don’t mean that she does it to get you to feel jealous. She even takes it a step further by asking you relationship advice and whenever she goes out with another guy she tells you all about it. As if all that wasn’t enough, she shows interest in your friends
  2. She have no problem in praising you, but she shows no affection towards you. I know you love when she showers you with sweet words, but don’t get too carried away by this. If she shows no affection, then you know you guys are just friends and nothing more.
  3. She asked you to ask if one of your friends is interested in her. Man forget about her, she is not thinking or interested in you but your friend, and if she and your friend should start dating you know that there will never be any chance of you two being together in the future.
  4. She only calls you when she needs your help with something. I don’t expect the girl to be calling you all the time or being the initiator of all your conversation, but if a girl is interested in you being more than just friends you can be sure that she will call or text you. Even to ring your phone and then hang, or to wait until you answer and come up with some excuse.