Husbands on Reddit tells why there relationships broke down and ended in divorce

It is most times not one reason why couples choose to end their by getting a . Many marriages ended in divorce because one party cheated, some because of financial difficulties while others for various reasons, some don’t really make any sense.
Many couples ends their relationship being bitter with each other, while some leaves on good terms. According to researchers, half of new marriages ends in divorce. So what are some of the reasons marriages ends in divorce? Husbands on Reddit who divorced their wives reveal what REALLY caused the sad demise of their marriages after two or more years of

Why divorce their wives

Shapeofthings after two years of being married to his wife divorced her after he discovered she was cheating on him and was addicted to cocaine.
‘We were married for two years. [There were] constant declarations of love and passion, but occasional aggressive outbursts. I found out she was sleeping with a series of other guys and had a coke habit.

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‘She took me for a lot of money in the divorce as well… I was an idiot, but she’ll always be broken. I moved on, things are much better now. She spent six years trying to contact me to get back together, but has finally given up now though.’

Fancyfire thought that after he gave up alcohol so as to be a better man his wife would appreciate it, but the opposite happen and sadly, the marriage ended in divorce.

‘I quit drinking, she said I wasn’t fun anymore. I’ve tried to fix it, [but it] didn’t worked out.’

Osojayadeva split up from his wife after he discovered she was cheating on him.

‘She said she didn’t want to have sex. Turns out, she didn’t want to have sex with me.’

Quadsimotto was married to his wife for almost nine years, but there constant fighting eventually tore them apart.

‘Marriage lasted eight years and three hundred and sixty two days. We got to the point where we fought everyday. We each knew what to say to hurt the other and both of us were vicious in our verbal attacks towards the other. All we ever did was argue and more and more often it turned in to a yelling match.

‘About two years after my daughter was born we both realized how unhealthy our marriage had become. Regardless of how much we loved each other there was an almost equal amount of anger towards one another. We decided it would be for the best to try a separation which in turn led to a divorce.

‘I don’t think that anything could have fixed our problems. The funny thing about it all is that we get along really good now. We are both very civil to each other and there is no trace of the dislike for each other.

BadMiker marriage ended because she was cheating on him. They were marriage for 3 years.

‘We dated for eight years and were married for three. We had dated a couple of years before and had split up over her cheating on me. I was young, insecure, and terrified of being alone.
‘Oddly our marriage also fell apart due to her cheating on me. I suspect she was cheating on me when we were dating too after the fact.
‘I don’t know what I can share from this other than the best relationship you can have is one of mutual respect and both love for your partner and yourself.’

Astartef said he and his wife split up because they got married too young.

‘We got married too young. It might have been fixable if we were both better communicators and if we had made an unbreakable decision to stick together. We made vows, but that is not the same thing as every day turning towards the one you are with, working everything out.
‘I believe that when you are too young, it is easier to walk separate paths than to realize the full cost of breaking up.’

RedForman found his wife had no need for him after she joined a bowling league and started caring about her social life more than she cared for him.

‘I catered to her every whim. Let her make the decisions for the house because she wanted it that way. She had barely any friends because she chose to stay home. One day she started doing this bowling league with her girlfriends, and left me out. So they’re all signed up but me.

‘Suddenly she has all these friends at the bowling alley. Find out shes flirting with the bartender. We’re now separated. She claims she is finally truly happy and we just grew apart.
‘Everyone thinks it’s a mid-life crisis because of how much she tries to pass off having to watch her own kids and she dresses like a teenager. Oh yeah, and she is turning 40 next year.

Saxonjf divorced his wife after he found out she had been constantly cheating on him.

‘My wife was a cheater, and I contributed to that by not maintaining a healthy sex life. Obviously I take responsibility for not doing my part, but I don’t absolve her for wrecking the family and not being willing to get counselling.’

Slowtwitch said he left his wife after she refused to get help for her chronic depression.

‘My ex was going through periods of deep depression and refused, over several years to do anything about it. I gave it two tries to work it out but at meetings with a therapist she refused to even talk. I could not go through life dragging the weight of an unaddressed mental illness.’

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Marriage is precious and so it is both of you responsible to ensure that none of you do anything to jeopardize the relationship. It can just take one mistake that should have been avoided to destroy a beautiful thing. When created the institution of marriage he intended for husbands and wives to love each other and work to build a long lasting and loving union. Marriage is a team effort. Both of you MUST decide that you want it to work, and then work towards it. God never intended for marriages to end in divorce as he said in his word “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”- Mark 10:9 (NIV)

Have any experience you would like to share with us? What are your personal thoughts on marriage and divorce? We would love to hear from you so please leave a comment.