10 Adventurous Camping Spots Near Mumbai

The city of dreams never sleeps. And with that insomnia, comes a longing to relax and take a break while also wanting to do something adventurous. Camping is the perfect escape as for a newbie, it’s a way to enjoy the solitude, and for the experienced ones, it’s a way to connect with their inner soul. So, here are the ten most adventurous camping spots near Mumbai which are the perfect getaway from the life in this metro.


Hailed as the river rafting and adventure sports destination, Kolad is situated on the banks of river Kundalika. Just a 3-hour drive from Mumbai will transport you to this picturesque campsite where you can kayak and river raft in the day, explore the nearby villages in the afternoon and sleep under a glass moon sky in the night.

Arguably the most popular campsite near the city, Pawana Lakeside camping is situated near Lonavala and is the most accessible for the starters. Come here on a weekend, enjoy the fresh air and some campfire and you are sure to be visiting again sooner than you expect.



If rivers and lakes are not your callings, you have to try camping in Panchgani as this is as close to wilderness camping as it could get. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to visit the strawberry fields and bring back bucketloads of jams and jellies.
Tikona Fort

If your heart yearns for something even more adventurous, try camping on top of Tikona Fort. Situated a mere 3hrs from Mumbai, this is one of the least explored but most fun kind of camping you can do.



Shirota Lake

The unexplored and rarely mentioned campsite, Shirota Lake is where you go when you want absolute peace. The clean waters of the lake only add to the stargazing experience of the night sky as you become one with nature.



The real essence of jungle camping can only be felt at Matheran. Barely a few hours away from Mumbai, this campsite is perfect for thrill seekers. Even if you live in Delhi, just find Delhi to Mumbai air tickets for the best price and come enjoy this total Do-It-Yourself experience of camping in the forest.


Rajmachi Fort


One of the most popular camping places near Mumbai, you make a trek to the fort and set up your camp all by yourself. There is a lot to explore in the area, and it makes for a perfect weekend getaway for family and friends.
Kass Plateau

How many times can you say that you’ve camped on a UNESCO world heritage site? Kass Plateau is west’s very own plateau of flowers with over 850 varieties of flora present. It makes for an incredible camping trip and a beautiful way to enjoy the nature.


Malshej Ghat

If you want to see pure greenery of mother nature in the monsoons, Malshej Ghat is the place to be. It is full of adventure, and you can trek in the nearby mountains to explore the nature up and close.



Situated a mere 30 minutes’ drive from Dahisar East, Uttan is primarily a fishing village and is your best bet while going for camping near the city. You can enjoy some great seafood while here and rest all your worries away and still head back to work in the morning.



Camping is an adventure in itself, and even if you are just visiting Mumbai, you can go ahead and try some of these camping spots. Even if you’re coming from say, Delhi, you can actually find Delhi to Mumbai air tickets for cheap and make a whole trip of exploring adventure and camping spots which is very different from camping you find in the north.