Health Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD is one of the many compounds (Cannabinoids) found in a Cannabis plant. Since the FDA’s legalizing of CBD oil in June 2018, the interest in this extract’s health benefits has grown even more. But before we head straight into the benefits and side effects, let us learn about CBD Oil.

Where Does It Come From?

There are many different Cannabinoids in a Cannabis plant, some psychoactive while the others not. However, the two most active compounds are the Tetrahydro Cannabidiol (THC) and CBD.

THC, of course, is the psychoactive compound, is more favored for recreational use. As marijuana farmers genetically modify the plant to achieve high THC levels, hemp farmers (CBD) let the plant grow in its natural way.

The plant is not as potent with CBD, which is why oil (carriers) are mixed in. CBD is usually mixed with hemp seed oil or coconut oil.

Even though the medicinal use of CBD oil has been federally legalized, the states do not agree as a whole. States like California and Florida permit the use of marijuana (Recreational). In contrast, others like Alabama and Georgia have strict policies towards THC % for medicinal use.

Unlike THC (the psychoactive compound), CBD does not induce a “high” when used. Instead, the feelings are more comforting and relaxing. And perhaps, this is the reason why CBD is drawing such attention. It shows pain-relieving and anti-depressant qualities  without any side effects.

What Are The Medicinal Properties Of CBD?

Since the THC percentage is kept as low as 0.3% in the oil, it perfectly fits various medicinal uses. According to several studies, it has been shown that CBD oil works best when coupled with moderate levels of THC, but do they hold as much truth as they claim?

THC and CBD both come from the same type of plant and hold the same medicinal properties. But the misconception about THC being equally beneficial comes from the euphoric “high” feel. Some users may claim to achieve better results when consuming both because of THC’s mood-boosting properties.

However, CBD has cleared numerous inflammation, pain relief, and sleep-inducing tests. Upon testing a large group of males who have Cancer by giving them CBD oil for pain relief. It was found that over 70% of the subjects reported fewer side effects like nausea, pain, and vomiting that come from Chemo.

Other than pain relief and inflammation control, CBD oil shows promising results in mental health. CBD oil helps relieve anxiety and depression, the leading mental health issues faced across the USA. To top that up, it is also used to treat PTSD (post-traumatic-stress-disorder) in young kids and adults.

Health Benefits Of CBD Oil

Despite conducting various studies on determining CBD and Cannabis medicinal properties, we still don’t know all remedies that it can cover. However, the proven health benefits of the herb still make up a long list.

So here are some of the health benefits of CBD oil that I’ve found to be the most compelling to go green.

Anti-Inflammation And Pain Relief

Our body has an Endocannabinoid System, which is responsible for the regulation of sleep, immunity, pain, appetite, etc. Our body produces endocannabinoids that bind themselves to the cannabinoid receptors. And this activity induces sleep, appetite, and sensation of pain.

By consuming CBD oil, the Cannabinoid compounds increase the binding activity to the cannabinoid receptors in your central nervous system. And this is how pain relief is felt.

The process of reducing inflammation can be compared to that of opioid receptors and opioid medication. But CBD oil differs from over-the-counter drugs as it does not induce any side effects. Generally, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, and concentration problems are common with pharmaceutical drugs.

Anti-Depressant And Anti-Anxiety

Stress, depression, and anxiety are the leading causes of mental disability worldwide. A decent part of the stress and anxiety of today can be attributed to the fast-paced world. But, it remains a problem, however.

Therapists and professionals direct the use of several medications to relieve anxiety and pain. But for the most part, the side effects of such medications overshadow the benefits. For example, psychoactive medication induces addictive behaviors, dependency, and paranoia.

On the contrary, CBD oil offers the best of the benefits with minimal side effects. As the CBD increases the metabolic activity in your body, you develop an appetite. You can keep up with a healthy sleep cycle. Unlike over-the-counter medications, you don’t have to couple your regular dose of medicine with sleeping pills.


The anti-carcinogenic properties of Cannabis are probably the reason why such a shift of opinion is seen recently. Several conducted studies show for CBD to kill the tumors from breast cancer. And more than that, they are more useful to dampen the symptoms of cancer treatment.

The radiation from Chemotherapy for Cancer has a plethora of side effects. The leading ones include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, chronic pain, and sleeping difficulties. And to fight these off, a variety of medicine is directed by doctors.

However, recent studies and reports showing success in curing these symptoms are promising. This can perhaps be the point where the pharmaceutical takes a shift as well. More and more studies are being financed and supported to find out how it can benefit cancer treatment. Even today, as a treatment for cancerous symptoms, not many states back the idea.

Treating Neurological Diseases

As mentioned above, CBD acts by boosting the binding activity of endocannabinoid receptors. This certain behavior has led to a treatment for various neurological conditions.

Medical experts believe that CBD vape can be used for conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, and Dravet Syndrome. It does so by interrupting the neural activity of these cells, inducing comfort and relief.

As an effect, it reduces muscle spasms in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. And a drop in seizures among people who have epilepsy. Although many hospitals and physicians prefer CBD over other prescribed medications, we still have a long way to go for federal adoption of the remedy.

Benefits of The Circulatory System

The blood pressure relates to many important functions of the body. High blood pressure puts one at the risk of a stroke, metabolic syndromes, and heart attack.

The property of reducing and calming blood pressure of CBD can benefit circulatory system problems and illnesses. Some experts even claim that the anti-anxiety use of the products causes the calming of blood pressure. However, such theories have no proven backing.

Methods Of Use

The medicinal use of CBD is becoming so popular that pharmaceutical companies are stepping in to enhance availability.  While the recreational use of marijuana is mostly limited to smoking or dabbing, CBD is limited to several consumption methods.

CBD vape pen, CBD oil, and CBD dab are the most common methods. The best-preferred method of use among many CBD users is mixing the oil with equal portions of honey and using it as an alternative for sugar in tea.

And since CBD has minimal THC traces, it is fairly safe and recommended for use during daily routine. So the next time you’re feeling anxious at the office, a couple of drops of CBD oil might give you the kick you need to jump back into work mode.