Living an Empowered Life, how can I do that?

Many people live their lives with low self-esteem, doubt, fear and lack of confidence. They are like Gideon in the Bible who looked down on himself, not expecting much out of life, desiring to have more but don’t think they cannot have the life they always wanted, not believing that they are powerful and that created them to be kings upon the earth.

They live with fear, fear of failure, fearful of getting hurt, fear of what people will say or do them if they should do or say something. Not much confidence or faith in themselves and in God.

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On top of that, many people continue to live in the past, not able to let go of their past mistakes, failures and hurts. They allow the struggles of life to burden them to the point they simple give up on life.

When God created us in our mother’s womb, he made us to be victors and not victims, warriors and not weaklings, overcomers and not to be overcome by fear, low self-esteem, emotional issues, feeling inferior or below our privilege.

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Like a bridge was constructed not to break under the pressure of the heavy duty trucks and buses each day, so has the Lord created us not to break under the pressures of life. However, millions of people are living each day defeated when they should be victors, dying slowly when they should be living to their full potential, in the wilderness of life when they should have been in the Promise Land. If you are one of them, haven’t you gotten tired of living a defeated life? Aren’t you tired of living below your privilege? If you are, then it is time to rise up and start living a life of victory.


What is an Empowered life? Or what does it mean to live an empowered life?

I don’t claim to be any expert but base on my own personal experiences, An Empowered Life is:

  • One that is highly motivated, progressive and focused
  • One in which you feel excited and energized
  • Purpose driven, where setbacks don’t stop you
  • When you have a vision for your life and you follow it
  • When the circumstances you face don’t cripple you, hold you captive or destroy you
  • When the past no longer enslaves you, and thoughts of your future don’t frighten you
  • When our words bring life and not death
  • When you live each day in victory

To live a successful and empowered life it starts in your mind. I want you to understand that to develop ourselves we must start with our belief. Self-development, even spiritual growth starts in your mind. For example before you can have a close with God, and grow personally it must starts in your mind. Have you ever seen anyone that does not have any zeal for anything, no passion? Where do you think it starts? In their mind. If you don’t believe me do a self-evaluation. Before you lost your zeal or passion for anything, what were your thoughts like before you lost it? What was happening in your life at that time and what were you thinking then?

Okay now that we have establish this fact, look at the beliefs you now have, the thoughts that pops up whenever something happen or you face a situation, maybe someone tell lies on you or mistreated you, how are they affecting your now life? Then think about the life you want to live, how you want to be remembered. Your thoughts will create your reality. Our thoughts lead to our actions, as thoughts create habits, habits creates our lifestyle. If you think you will never come to anything good in life then you will live a defeated life. If you think you never have any success, then your mind will ensure that never have any success.

Everything that you have been through is your tutor as problems, setbacks and obstacles comes to teach you something, to make you stronger, better than before. Everything that you have been through in the past has prepared you for this moment in your life; prepare you to mount over your trials, failures and setbacks. Yes there will be things that will come that nothing that you have been through had prepared you for it-  in terms of things you have never faced anything like that before. But what have your trials, setbacks, hardships and obstacles in the past taught you? You remember Israel in the Bible? Through Israel experienced in the wilderness they came to know God as their provider, way maker, guide, protector and Father. Of course they knew he was all that to them, but they did not have the experienced to back up what they knew. Their experienced built their faith. There experienced helped them to overcome situations that they came upon when they enter the promise land. No doubt they never went up against a wall city, never had to fight against many kings coming together, but there previous trials, obstacles and experienced build their faith. Their faith was strong because of their experience. Faith causes you to go through life with hope and confidence.

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Why did I just tell you all of that? I told you all of that to tell you that everything you have been through will serve a purpose when your next test or trial comes.

Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

That statement is still very much true today.  Why did I say that? To have the life you want you must first believe that it is possible. See it in your mind, believe it, desire it and then move towards it. Imagination is believe and believe is imagination. Everything starts with a believe. Before someone built a chair they first imagine it, they saw it through the eyes of faith and then they went out and created what they first imagine. Before I started teaching Bible Study I saw few of my friends doing it and thought I could do this. What they were doing connected with my passion and so I pursue it. There were days I would lie on my bed or sit over my Bible imagining that I am teaching what I was reading or just teaching, anything. I believed that I could do it and so I pursue it. Preparation must starts in your mind before your dreams or what you set out to do can become a reality.

Reprogram Your Mind

You have to learn to program your mind for success, to accomplish great things, to believe that you have greatness in you and God made you for a purpose. You are special and you are able to overcome life struggles.

Whatever you program in your mind that is what will help to change your life. Programming is a way of thinking or believe that you adopt e.g. am worthless then that’s how you will live your life. To move forward you need to get rid of the old thinking and reprogram your mind for greatness, to be great in the kingdom of God, to be great in any field of life, to be who God created you to be.

You must have a . A mindset that will push you to grow and to get stuck in the past.

The bottom line is, you attract to yourself what you believe. What this means is that your thoughts -those that keeps playing in your mind over and over especially when certain situation arises, for example I know I shouldn’t have applied for that job as I am just not good enough. I am no good. This kind of thinking will keep you back from living an empowered life. Destructive or negative thinking will not propel you to take higher grounds, but they will cause you to move towards the negative perception you have of your life. If you believe that you will die from cancer, you will attract sickness to your life.

One of the things I struggle with that I am working on is my fear of being in a situation where I will not be able to breathe properly. I bet you can guess that I oftentimes faced situations where I struggle to breathe even in situations that should not have affected my breathing e.g. sitting in a barber chair with the cloth tied around my neck. At the time of writing this article I am still working on this fear. The point is, what you believe will attract either bad or good to you. If you look at all the people that are successful in , job and any field of life, one thing you will notice is how they think. Their thoughts moved them to go further in life, to take new grounds.  It was Einstein that said “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” To change your life and how it is going, you must start with your thinking. Your thinking forms your believes, your believes forms your habits, your habits forms your lifestyle.

No doubt that’s why the Bible tells us to be transform by the renewing of our mind (Romans 12:2).

What is your thoughts an how you can live an empowered life? To learn more on how you can live an empowered life, grab a copy of my book An Empowered Life that deal with this topic on a more detail level on. It is now available on Amazon. Live an Empowered life