inFAMOUS Game Review

As a PlayStation 3 newbie, I’ve gathered a collection of games to give me the best experience on my console. A lot of games were recommended to me, such as ps4 anime games  , fighting games and sport titles, and one that came to the top of the list was InFAMOUS. I checked out the game on the PlayStation website and it looked like a game I would enjoyed. I visited the Blockbusters and purchased the game and got stuck in straight away…


The story starts off with a bang. Cole MacGrath, the protagonist, is given the task of delivering a mysterious package to an area in Empire City. Unknown to Cole, He is carrying a bomb that can wipe out the majority of the city. Unfortunately for Cole, the bomb goes off and wipes out the city yet Cole manages to survive. On his road to recovery, Cole realises that he has some newfound powers and is now able conduct electricity and use it as a weapon. They are three different islands in Empire City, these areas are opened up as your progress through the game. Each different island has different enemies and makes you changes your approach in combat. Each different has a difficulty level which makes the game challenging. The story slowly unfolds and allows you to become intrigued by the choices that are made throughout the game.

Choices will appear throughout the game. These choices can range from such things as allowing either the general public to take food supplies or taking it for yourself to choosing between two people and who lives. The choices make you think and engage you into the story. It gives a more personal, human approach to the gameplay and allows you to choose which way you want to mold the city that is being re-built.

Choice’s that you make through the game also affect the character. If you choose an action that can be classed as evil, the characters “Karma” has a negative effect and affects the attacks that you are able to use. Your powers are found by restoring electricity to the city. These powers can range from electrical grenades to electrical shields. You can then build on these powers by spending XP you gain through the game and make these powers stronger and more effective.


When coming into a game like this, you would expect movement that allows you to be free and doesn’t take away from the gameplay and out of the games atmosphere. In most places, this is true, you are able to scale buildings with ease and climb gigantic towers without a second thought. When wanting to move from one object to another, the game can make you hover towards an object that you may not have wanted to land on. This is built into the game to make the movement mechanics easier and more fluid but doesn’t help the game at times. This can really aggravate you, especially in missions where you have to keep a close distance to certain objects.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the movement in the game is using electricity to get to places quicker. Depending on if the area has electricity, you are able to use cables and railway tracks to move through the area quicker. This allows you to get from one place to the other with ease and makes the game more enjoyable.


The gameplay can be compared to Prototype, in which you are able to move about freely in a “free run” style of gameplay and I feel that InFAMOUS beats Prototype in that area. You feel more connected to the environment in InFAMOUS and the interactivity with the environment and objects allows it to pip Prototype in regards to movement fluidity.

Overall, InFAMOUS benefits from the smooth gameplay and use of powers but at times, lacks in emotion to the choices that you have to make. If you have the chance to pick this game up, Do it!