Devotional: Special Occasion

I spent the weekend cleaning out our storage room. I went through every box and purged. I went through my stuff and my kids’ stuff. I had my husband sort through his memory boxes. By the end of the weekend, we reduced everything by half.


I happened upon one box full of fine china we registered for when we got married. Do people even do that anymore?


It’s beautiful and I used to display it but one day packed it away figuring I’d use it for a special occasion. But in order to make room and reduce the clutter in that room I made a decision to move the fine china upstairs and put it in my kitchen cabinets for daily use. It felt like a radical idea.


This morning, I noticed by husband took one of the small plates to use as a butter dish. I noticed how lovely it looked and how I had these plates packed away for almost two decades! And here’s what the Lord impressed upon my heart:


Living is a special occasion. Celebrate it. Enjoy it. Make it beautiful.


Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”


There has been so much to mourn and lament lately, but there is still beauty hidden everywhere – you just have to find it, unpack it, and be with it. Look for the beautiful.


Written by Nicole Horsch, author of Sermon on the Mount of Messy available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Connect with Nicole at