These 10 Lifestyle choices will get you to start thinking about your life, especially #4

Many of us live our lives not really thinking about how the choices we make today will affect us later on in life. Maybe you are one of them. I must admit, these 10 lifestyle choices have really get me thinking about my own life. What about you?

  • Being a lazy person



      Each one of us came into this world to work, to fulfil our purpose. There is something or a task that each one of us was given to do and God has given us the skills and knowledge to do so. Nothing in life comes easy, well unless your family is a millionaire and your set to inherit a lot of money. But even then is that how you really want to live your life, depending on someone’s else sweat and tears all the days of your life? Stop wasting time and go out and work, make your dreams a reality and fulfil your purpose. Someone is depending on what you have to contribute. Remember you have to take responsibility for your own life and personal growth.


2. Putting off for tomorrow what you can do today Procrastination is the enemy of growth. We know that tomorrow is promise to no one, but yet we keep putting off things until another time. We like to deceive ourselves into thinking that we have a lot of time ahead to get to it, but one day you are going to wake up and regret that you didn’t do it when you got the chance. You have to decide if you are going to accomplish your goals now or let your excuses keep you from doing what you are suppose to be doing.


3. Pretending to be someone else that you know your not.
Many people spend most of their lives pretending to be someone else that they just were not born to be and so they miss the opportunity to really get to know themselves and to show the world who they are. Hey I get it, maybe you don’t like something about yourself, but you are not alone in this. All of us don’t like something about our own life, even the person you are trying to impress. If you have to pretend to be somebody that you are not then maybe you shouldn’t be in that person company then. The world is in great shortage, shortage of genuine people.

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4. Letting someone else determine who you are and should be doing. Question, whose life is it? Let me answer for you, YOURS! It is your life, so why let someone else build your dream, or why should you be living someone’s else dream? You got to run your own race, do not let anyone else run your race, and you do not run anyone race.



5. Giving up too easy. All of us will fail at something, failure is a part of life. But failing at something even if you fail several times doesn’t make you a failure. I am sure you have never fail as many times as Isaac Newton. Failure is a learning process, at least it should be for you. Do not simple throw in the towel when something doesn’t work out as you wanted, try again. Be persistent. Everyone who is successful have failed at least once at what they did, but they kept going, kept trying and learning from their mistakes. If you want to see the finish line you can’t afford to stop at the beginning or even in the middle of the race, you have to keep going.



6. Change is a part of life, stop avoiding it.
If your still doing the same thing you did yesterday and getting the same results and if you are stuck today like you were yesterday that means you haven’t changed. You are still doing the same thing you did yesterday and expecting to get different results. What would you think of a tree that remains at the same height after 10 years? You would think something is wrong with it wouldn’t you? Why, because you expect to see some changes, you don’t expect a tree not to change. That is the same with you, for you to have an empowered life, you must change, you must grow. The actions you take today will help to determine the life or the results you see tomorrow (your future).


7. Being a selfish person who cares only about yourself. Here is a fact for you, none of us were born to only live for ourselves. If that was the case then all of us would be at the same level and have all the things we needed. You cannot expect to live a selfish life and then say you have really live a good life.

8. Having negative friends. If you hang around people that are negative then very soon some of their attitude will rob off on you. Do not get pull under by someone’s else aroma.


9. Living your life without having any fun and taking life too serious. Hey your not Adrian Monk who have to have everything done in a perfect manner. Sometimes you have to learn to have a little fun and even laugh at yourself sometimes.


10. Settling For Less Than You Deserve. Life will give you what you ask for. If you start settling for less than you deserve then that is exactly what you will have. Life is not about how many times you fall down. It’s about how many times you get back up. Never ever settle!

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