Ultimate Guide to Lose Weight at Age 30

The thirties usually coincide with a time of great emotional and personal stability. We know what our “ideal weight” is, with which we feel good and, above all, that we can conserve without too much effort and without being hungry continuously.

In addition, we also want to end the yo-yo effect, the consequence of anarchic and impossible diets. The long-term effects are disastrous: the body becomes accustomed to periods of deprivation and each time we have to deprive more and more to maintain a constant weight.


You know the basic principles of a balanced diet to lose weight, but sometimes it costs you to practice it “day by day”. However, you will see that it is possible to reconcile the obstacles of an active life with a diet. Organize your menus in advance: both midday snacks and dinners; take your time to eat breakfast copiously in the morning. In this way, you will lose those two or three extra pounds without suffering and in the long term.


You are able to reach the end to achieve your goal of losing weight because you know what is important to you and you have already gained greater control of your eating behavior.

Traps you should avoid

Removing carbohydrates from your food It is normal when it comes to foods that we do not eat for pleasure … when they prepare to “natural”! However, without sauces or additives, they are less caloric than we imagine (50 g of bread or 1/4 of baguette, they do not contribute more than 125 Kcal, like a good bowl of pasta or boiled rice, approximately 125 g). They are foods that are very satisfying. For this reason, they are always present in any diet slimming in each of the meals, but in small amounts (and proportional to physical activity).

To pass of the fat

We know they contain a lot of energy (75 Kcal for only 10 g of butter and 90 Kcal for 10 g of oil!) And they always tell us that we should eat with less fat if we want to enjoy good cardiovascular health. But we want to do it so well that we pass. Prohibiting the oil completely means depriving us of the unsaturated fatty acids, very important for the nerve and skin cells to stay in good condition. Eliminating butter and consuming only skim milk products, means assuming a possible lack of vitamin A and D, found in dairy products. Try to take about 10 g of butter and 10 g of oil a day.

To sleep!

He takes advantage of sleep and sleeps enough. It is proven that a sleep deficit modifies the hormonal secretions and favors the reserve of fats and the increase of weight. Without forgetting that after a good night, we found ourselves more rested and better looking!

Good ideas for dieting days

3 strong breakfasts

Exotic A tea or coffee A large glass of cold milk beaten with 1/2 banana A toast + 30 g light cheese One kiwi

3 solutions for fast foods

Club sandwich A purchased sandwich (without Mayonnaise or butter!) With cheese or tuna 1 tomato juice An apple + light or natural yogurt as a snack (yogurt + lemon juice + basil + 1 tablespoon of oil) hermetic container A light yogurt for drinking

3 ideas for dinners-express

Homemade Picnic Milamores salad + light vinaigrette + 1 tablespoon oil coffee

Spoonful of liquid cream coffee

A slice of roast Beef stew Skim cheese An apple roasted in the microwave Note: the vegetable stew can be chopped, canned or frozen. You can also substitute the roasted apple in the microwave for a natural compote.

Aditional tips: Regular cardio exercising is helpful to lose weight at any age. We suggest you do some physical exercise every day for the certain period.