Want To Beat Up Bloating Everyday – Top 8 Ideas and Strategies to Recover from Bulimia at Ease

Ugghh……… There is nothing worse than this of feeling like bloated. You do feel full but have hardly eaten anything for you to feel bloated. You feel like 6 months pregnant women and as people know that you are trying to conceive they come forward and ask when your due date (and not actually what you want to hear when you are having a trouble of conceiving). The clothes that you love don’t just fit you and you don’t feel comfortable anymore. Bloating and PCOS both go hand in hand.

Abnormal bloating is something that can hit all men, women, children no matter if we have struggled with our weight or happy with the way we are. Through this blog we explain why bloating happen, how can you get back your tummy to the normal size, and what are the different ways you can add belly-flattering foods in your diet. So when does bloating hit you? Shortly after having food? Or after a few months?  Or only when you go ahead and eat certain amounts of food? When it comes to bloating there are specific triggers for ballooned up tummies, so buy understanding which one affect you have the key to popping up the balloon.

Watch Your Salt Intakes: Too much salt that is often contained in a highly processed foods and ready meals, will continue to add extra sodium to the body fluids, stalling the mechanisms that land up pushing out your cells. These cells then plump up with water making your stomach to be full. Generally, it is believed that an adult needs 1,600 mg of salt in a day which is much more equivalent to about 4g of salt which is less than a teaspoon. Read the food labels, and try replacing the salt with pepper, herbs, lemon, and vinegar to avoid bloating.

Having fruits with the skin: Fresh berries and whole fruits like berries, apples, and berries are some of the best ways of beating up bloating. Just don’t strip off the skin, as these were the larger amounts of fiber that resides. Fibre helps in reducing bloating, constipation, and keeping things moving through the digestive system. So this is something that women should be aiming for in a day.

Do not drink with your meals: It’s always considered to be good if you leave a gap of 20 minutes before and after you eat your food. Liquids dilute the stomach acid which is needed to break down the food and leading to a poorly digested fermenting and causing bloating. Many herbal teas can help when it comes to bloating. You can always go ahead and try fennel or spearmint.

Stop Blaming yourself:  It is not your fault if you are suffering from bulimia. You are never warned about the various dangers of dieting and restrictive eating, and it’s obvious that you had never thought you would be trapped in the trap of bulimia. It’s never again your fault if the diets continually fail and the fantasy weights are impossible to reach out your marketing audiences. These are things that come from our genetics and natural instincts and are things that’s are impossible to change.

Get Moving: Even a ten minute’s walk can help you avoid bloating. Exercise help the gas pass through the digestive track quickly and easily and begin to feel better faster. Also, do make sure that you do not neglect the abdominal workout as this makes you feel a bit less conscious about your belly when bloated.

Don’t bite off more than what you can chew: One of the biggest cause is swallowing too much of air when you eat. Say for example; you might gulp up air if you snack on the run and eat quickly, talk while eating, drinks from the straw, or lots of soda. Force yourself to take out time for meals, skip carbonated drinks, eat smaller amount of food at each sitting. Once of the best ways to reduce bloating and the amount of air you swallow then chew with the mouth closed.

Having more fiber: Fibre helps in preventing constipation by adding bulk and helping everything move through the intestines and much more quickly. Women here needs at least 25 percent of grams of fiber daily, yet most of them get half barley that amount. Throughout the day it’s always good if you go ahead and snack on the high fiber food like straw berries, blue berries, dried apricots, and plums. Also, make sure that you do not land up adding much fiber too fast or you begin to feel bloated even more. Your body needs time to get used to processing the increased bulk.

Eating Small amount of meals more often: Instead of having these three big meals per day, try having the smaller amount of meals more often. This can help you from feeling even more bloated, allowing for a large amount of meals. Having more frequently can also help in reducing bloating which happens by having a large amount of meals. Eating more frequently can help in keeping your blood sugar in control, and manage hunger. So make sure that you go for five to six meals in a day, ensuring that the quantity of food and calories are proportionate to your needs.

To Conclude:

We all know bloating is common for most of us especially when it comes to PCOS, and this is something that leaves us with an uncomfortable feeling in our own skin. So many of us are trying to lose weight and even by following the above strategies bloating can be reduced if done in the right direction. So what other strategies have you tried and come across when it comes to bloating. Do let us know in the comments section below. We always love hearing from you guys.