What You Should Not Believe When Buying Men’s Wedding Bands

While diamond rings have traditionally been the most popular choice for engagement rings, buying them can prove to be surprisingly troublesome not only because of the wide range available but also due to many misconceptions regarding issues like the cost, the shape, and even where you should buy from. Some very common misconceptions dispelled:

Proposing Unexpectedly Is a Must                    

Most people believe that when you do want to propose, you should do it unexpectedly and with a grand flourish. While undoubtedly, a surprise proposal can indeed be extremely romantic, buying an engagement ring without having an idea of her preference can lead to trouble. Simple things like the size and shape of the diamond or the material of the ring can end up being contentious and spoil an event that should have been really wonderful and momentous. It may well be advisable to be more pragmatic and take your lady love into confidence regarding your intentions and buy a ring that she will adore. Explore https://www.mensweddingbands.com/ for a truly wonderful collection of diamond engagement rings.

The Best Diamonds Are Colorless and Brilliant

Because every advertisement campaign features brilliant diamonds that are absolutely clear, most people believe that these are the only type of diamonds that should feature in an engagement ring and colored diamonds are somehow inferior. While tradition does have its own place, an increasing number of couples are no longer satisfied with following the cookie cutter approach and are opting for diamonds of different colors in a bid to be exclusive. Many couples are also choosing unusual shapes or even combining them with colored diamonds to create stunning effects. It is a good idea to take time figuring out what you want rather than the following convention blindly.

Round Diamonds Are What You Should Always Choose

Round diamonds are the most popular simply because they tend to be the most brilliant, and diamonds have been marketed in terms of brilliance for decades. However, there are lot many more options for the shape of the diamond, which you can explore as one of them may suit you better than the round one. If you are considering buying a colored diamond, you should know that the round ones will invariably cost far more as they are more difficult to polish in a way that accentuates their colors. The radiant and cushion shapes are more common for colored diamonds, while other shapes like oval, emerald, heart, pear, princess, marquise are also becoming popular with people who want to depart from the convention. Ultimately, the choice of the shape should factor in the wearer’s build and personality.


If you are confused about making the right choice of an engagement band, you may think it is best to seek advice from the jeweler in the assumption that they should know what’s best. However, while a trustworthy jeweler will most assuredly sell you a stone that is genuine, he is unlikely to be able to suggest what’s best for your fiancée. Only you will know what she will prefer.


Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is an award-winning jewelry designer. You can explore this stunning collection of engagement rings at https://www.mensweddingbands.com.