Have the Church Lost Its Influence and Power? If so Why?

The church of God can no longer be in a state of denial to the war that is going on in the spiritual realm that is having detrimental effects on the world, neither can they remain silent or in a defensive mode. The church cannot continue to stand by as spectators when they should be active participants in spiritual warfare against Satan and his servants.

The truth is, many people are in the church but they are living defeated lives, victims when they should be victors. God has given us power and authority over the enemy but the church fails to realize who they are and their role.

They are literally thousands of Christians living at this very moment we believes that there purpose is to have a nice house, raise their family, simple go to church and live their life without walking in their purpose. They believe that merely going to church and living holy is enough and they do not need to enter spiritual warfare for the souls of men. They stand by and watch as the enemy wreak havoc in their community, city and country taking many lives to hell while they sit by doing nothing, praying that they will be spare the wrath of the enemy or that the enemy will not come close them; not realizing the enemy is already controlling them or blinding their eyes to their full purpose.

Everything God has given us: house, car, family, career etc., is given to us to help us live a productive life as we work in the kingdom. It is not merely God’s job to win souls for the kingdom, to pray for the sick, to heal broken hearts, to fight for our family, but it is actually our job to go out in the world under the leadership and authority of Christ to deliver the hearts of men and bring them to Christ. It is our job to minister to the broken hearts, pray for the sick, oppress and those whose lives are broken. God is depending on us to do our part, and when we do our part, he will part his.



Have you ever wonder why there is so much crime and violence in your city, or country? Why sickness and disease are on a rise? Why marriages are failing and teenage pregnancies are on the rise? Why men and women are running to the Obeah man/woman for answers and help while the church is just few blocks away from their homes? Why people are living defeated lives when they should be living victoriously? Why our schools are like a war zone? Have you ever stopped to wonder why morality is on the decline and children are no longer behaving like children but gangsters and sex machines? These things are happening because the church is silence. The church is no longer playing the role they once played or holds the place it once had in the minds of the people because the church does not realize their purpose, or they have realize their purpose but they are simple not doing enough. I do understand and acknowledge that they are some churches that are having great impacts on their communities, however, the fact still remains that the majority of Christians are sleeping. Sleeping when the enemy is out busy destroying the lives of men. The church is sleeping when gangs are taking over our communities leading young people into a life of crime because that is all they know; sleeping when teenage pregnancies are on the rise; sleeping when our schools are infested with demons; sleeping when the minds of the youths are polluted with X-rated and ‘bad-manism ‘.

It now begs the question, where is the church that Christ left on earth? Just like Adam lost his identify and influence and dominance on earth, so have the church lost their true identity.

The church in the book of Acts was not like this. We understand by reading the book of Acts that that the church was very active and everywhere the believers of Christ went healing and deliverance follows, cities and towns turned to Christ, and sign and wonders followed the church. Because of this great fear fell on the people and souls were born to the kingdom on a daily basis (e.g. Acts 2:43-47; 5:1-16; 19:26-27). People rushed to the church for answers and deliverance because the church followed the examples of Christ, but the church of today is too busy going nowhere.

The general hospitals knows their purpose and rarely turned back anyone unless they have to; they know that their purpose is to take care of the sick and those who needs their help, in fact the health sector makes it a part of their duty to promote their services and let the people know that they should come to them, but the church is the only hospital where the sick and oppress comes and leave without being attended to. The church is the only organization with enough resources that does not promote its services as they should and are not fully functional.

You wonder why people are not coming to church as they used to?  The church has lost its identity and influence. Eveywhere Jesus went people were pushing to see him, why? Healing, deliverance and signs and wonders followed him. They came depress, sick, weighed down by life burdens and left being filled with the Word of God and being delivered from their infirmities. Why is the church comfortable staying behind the four walls and begging the people to come in, and when they do come in the prophets and prophetess, discerner, and those who are gifted in the spirit are sleeping? Why should you attend or go to church when you are not getting the service that you really need? When people go to parties, they do get what they went there for, why should they expect anything less from the church?

I strongly believe that the Lord is rising up an army that will not have church as usual. He is rising up a set of people who are determined to see a move of God in their lives and in Jamaica. A set of people who is taking back the streets and Jamaica for God while reclaiming the authority and power God has given the church over sickness, unclean spirits and to rule as kings and priest upon the earth.

Who are you? Are you one that will stand by and see society continue down the road it is now heading? Or are you a warrior for Christ who knows your purpose and no matter what comes your way you will do the will of God?

Are there any soldiers in the house? Rise up and let us reclaim what is ours.[/sociallocker]