Is Your Church Under a Curse?

If you should do a survey right now with Christians and leaders from different denominations around the world, almost all of them will argue that a church cannot go under a curse; but is that true? The church is the pillar of God and is where people go each week to hear the word of God, receive strength to face their problems, and to get deliverance. Can the church therefore go under a curse?

I strongly believe that it can?

How can a church go under a curse?


There are several things that can bring a church under a curse; here are 6 ways the church can be put under a curse:

  1. Involvement in the occult of any sort. If the church or its leadership practices any form of occult or witchcraft in the church then by their practices they will open a door for the enemy to come in and bring a curse upon the church.


  1. Having occult or satanic symbols in the church. For example certain figurine or drawings are satanic and should be kept out of the church, and out of the lives of the believers. We see an example of this in the temple of Jerusalem (please read Ezekiel 8 when you get the time to do so).
  2. The church building or land was dedicated to Satan or a curse was put on the church or on the land by servants of Satan. If the building that house your church was previously used for occult purposes, or the land was dedicated to Satan by its previous owners, then the truth is Satan still has legal rights to these, even though the a church is now on the land. God will honor Satan rights to the building or land (if the building was dedicated to Satan then most likely the land was also dedicated to him) and therefore Satan has the legal rights to afflict the church and its members with a curse of his choice. Similarly, witches can curse a church by performing rituals either in the church or on its land.


Unless the land and entire building is cleansed, the church will remain under a curse from Satan.

  1. You invite servants of Satan to speak at your church, especially on the pulpit. Doing this is giving honor to a servant of Satan, and in extension to Satan. By doing this your church is opening the door for Satan to come in and curse the church.
  2. Sin. Sin is one of the main causes of a church being curse. The Bible tells us that we are the temple of God and of such we should not be slave to sin, but dead to sin (Romans 6:11-13).

God calls us to be in the world, but be not of the world. When members of the church and its leaders practice and continues in sin then it opens the door for God or Satan to curse the church.

  1. Satanic sacrifice was done in the church, thereby polluting the church. There are many stories of churches been broken into by Satanist who was bold enough to carry out animal sacrifices on the altar.

These practices can and will put the church and the people of God under a curse. We must understand that Satan does not have any boundary or is there any law that says that Satan cannot go to a particular place or cause havoc in the house of God; these practices I listed above invites Satan to come into the church and put a curse upon the church.

6 Signs your church is under a curse

Now that we have looked at some of the things that can put a church under a curse, let’s talk about identifying curses in the church. It is very important you understand that if your church is under a curse, then the members of the church will be affected by the curse. Here are 6 signs that your church may be under a curse.

  1. Growth in membership is non-existent or very slow. If your church attendance and baptism is very slow or you can’t tell when someone new is baptized in the church then your church may be under a curse. There seems to be a roller coaster trend in church attendance and how many people are saved and every time there seems to be a season of growth it normally follows a season of decline- sometimes very rapid decline.
  2. Church has a history of very short-term pastors/leaders. If pastors come and go as fast as you can say ‘who is that’ then your church may be under a curse. These pastors come and seem to be there to stay then suddenly they packed their bags and go.
  3. Sickness. There seems to a particular type of sickness affecting the members of your church; even by members that has no previous history of such sickness.
  4. Family breakdown. Families in the church seem to be falling apart very rapidly. Children being disobedient and rebellious to parents, there is no stability in the home, marriages are breaking apart and there seems be no operant reason(s) for these changes in the family unity.

I do agree that children are normally disobedient and rebellious to parents and families do fall apart, but when it is happening on a wide scale in the church and very often, then there is definitely something wrong.

  1. Emotional breakdown and high rate of suicides. There are some churches that are characterized by very high rate of emotional breakdown and suicide by their members. Every year members are suffering from emotional breakdown and you can expect few suicides each year. This church is under a curse.
  2. There is no move of God in the church. God put the church on the earth to bear fruit and to manifest the power and glory of God. If you can’t remember the last time the Holy Spirit moved mightily in your church service and there is no revelation or direction from the Lord, then it is a possibility that your church may be under a curse. There is no drive or motivation by its members for the things of God and everyone seems to be complacent, no one actively seeking the Lord and desperate for a move of God.

The body of Christ must bear fruit and moving from one level to another. If one of these that I have listed above characterizes your church, then your church may be under a curse either from God or from the enemy.

Why would the Lord put a curse on the church? The Lord does this because He wants his people to repent and seek his face. Whenever the Children of Israel forsook God, he at times put a curse upon them (e.g. the curse of poverty) for them to repent and when they do he blesses them (Deuteronomy 28).

3 Ways on how to break a curse from your church

The good news is that if there is a curse upon your church, then the curse can be broken. Here are some general steps how the curse can be broken (and even curse in your family and over your life)

  1. Discover where the curse is coming from. For the curse to be broken from your church, you and the church need to know what caused the curse to be in the church in the first place. The church and its leadership need to sincerely seek the Lord for answer if it’s not readily known. I am very confident that the Lord will reveal to the church where the curse is coming from or what led to the church being curse in the first place.

If the church is not willing to break the curse then I hardly see how you alone can break the curse if the pastor or leadership of the church, and the church family is not willing to come from under the curse. Perhaps they are not convince that the church is under a curse, I advise you therefore to ask the Lord to deal with the leadership of your local congregation himself.

You can pray and the Lord reveal to you the source of the curse, but it will take a congregational effort to break it, especially from the leaders as they are the head of the church, God’s representative.

  1. Repent. Assuming the church is willing to come from under the curse, and the Lord has reveal to you or the church where the curse is coming from; the church now needs to repent. It does not matter if you or anyone living now were involved or partially responsible for the curse in the first place. Before there can be revival, there must first be repentance, this is a biblical principle. Anytime the Children of Israel confessed the sins of their forefathers and their own sins, there is always a revival.

When the temple of God were being rebuilt, Ezra knew that there can never be a revival if there is no repentance, therefore he led the people in repentance for the sins of their forefathers and their own sins for the curse to be broken (Nehemiah 9).

Therefore the leaders of the church need to take the lead in leading the church to repentance. Repentance means a sorrow for the wrong you or the former members of the church did and denote a turning. God has graciously given us a guideline on how this repentance must be carried out in the book of Joel 2:12-17.

  1. 3. After the process of repentance, can be one day or even a week depending on the leading of the Lord, the curse on the church must now be broken. You cannot command demons to leave if Satan still has legal rights to afflict the church, that’s why repentance comes before breaking the church.

The leadership of the church must now lead the congregation in a prayer of breaking the curse, for example:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, we break the curse of…… (name the curse) over the church and its members and we command every demons associated with this curse to leave and never return in the name of Jesus. We the church take complete authority over this curse and command it to be broken in the name of Jesus and the people to be free from the curse.

We degree and declare that there will be a revival in the name of Jesus”

The prayer does not have to be exactly like the one above, what is important is that the curse is broken and you declare what you want to follow next, a revival. I am confident that if the church prayed and ask the Lord to break the curse the right way, then it will be broken.

The church and its property needs to be cleanse and given back to the Lord (especially in case of occultism and sacrifices).

If the church or its property were dedicated to the service of Satan, I don’t believe that the property and it’s building can be cleanse, perhaps the property, but not the building as Satan has legal rights to it. What I think in my opinion needs to be done to the building is that it be destroy and rebuilt, or the church move to a different building.

When the Children of Israel went into Canaan God commanded the Israelites to destroy their altars and buildings, why? These places were dedicated to Satan (e.g. with the case with Jericho-Joshua 6:24).

If your church is under a curse, the curse must be broken immediately, the life of the church and its members depends on this; God is counting on you to start the process. You can start the process by sending your pastor the link to this article.

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  1. When me and my children joined an old but struggling church, I noticed that there were no significant spiritual changes happening. Like me and my kids get into a lot of misunderstandings. Then I learned that the church itself was almost 30 years already but the membership is like going into a roller coaster. There were records of immortality committed inside the building itself. Please help…

  2. Almost every church today is operating under a curse. Why? Because the church was told to be IN the world, but not OF the world. When a “church” decides to incorporate and adopt the world’s 501(c)3 and becomes a worldly “business”, they are no longer blessed by God. New Testament “churches” were not buildings, but small groups of believers that met in homes. ALL of the people attending are involved in worship, praise, teaching, learning, sharing, and growing. They were comprised of SAVED people. The unsaved were NOT meant to worship in church!! They first became believers, were baptized, THEN they were able to join with a group of other believers. They weren’t set up like auditoriums with stages, where some “perform” while an audience looks on. God has revealed that he wants his church to be solely based on the outlines that were given in the New Testament, with people on fire for God, filled with the Holy Spirit, doing the same works as Jesus, and even greater works than He did (John 14:12), by the power of the spirit!! Wake up, people! God commands you to COME OUT of the cursed, worldly “churches” of today that have NO power and start living as instructed! Our time is short!!

    1. What a great observation shared. Two points I would like to share with you. 1) The Church is in one’s heart, Jesus reminded use to not to forget to assemble ourselves together. 2) If Churches had a choose they would not obtain a 501C, but the Word also tells us to obey the laws of the Land. If anyone could testify hearing from the Holy Spirit it would be Mary the mother of Jesus, because she and Joseph was obeying the laws of the land when, Jesus was born in a stable, due to the many travelers for there was no room for them at the inn. I hope you see and understand, ALL Churches are NOT under curse of God or Satan.