How to Promote Your Church App

Church Apps play a critical role in the administration of your congregation. However, this App will not be meaningless if the people don’t use it even if it has several great features. The best way to motivate your church members to start using the App is sharing with them the benefits. Therefore, you will have to spend a lot of time trying to market the church app. But how are you going to achieve this objective? This article presents some of the tips that can assist you to encourage the congregation to download and start using your church app. You have to put in place the right marketing strategy for your church app.

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Develop a Culture of Using the App in the Church

The implication is that you will be talking about the church app most of the time and also use it in different ways. You can educate the congregation on how they can quickly download the app and use it to give their tithes and offering. The best time to do this is during the actual offering session. As you create the awareness among small group members, inform them how easy it is to locate and sign up for small groups utilizing the church app. Spare a few minutes during the service and conduct live polls as you allow church members to interact with the platform. This approach is an enjoyable way of letting your congregation interact with this app. As you make the announcement, inform the group that they can get find details of the notices in the bulletin that is in the app. Mention the church app several times in the social media networks of your church. Therefore, you will be able to incorporate your church App into your social media marketing strategy. This means that you can push the content marketing of your church to the app. The congregation will appreciate the use of the church App when you use various channels to introduce the App to them. You need to set aside some time during and after the service to promote your church App.

Use the App for Small Church Groups

Use the App to provide content for small church groups. It could entail bible study discussion questions, clips from recent sermons, among other useful materials.

Push the Registration of Upcoming Events to the App

Just direction the congregation to use the church App to register for an upcoming event. Don’t allow manual registration during the promotion stage. You can encourage the church members to register right away when they are still thinking about the upcoming event. The reason is that most people will tend to shy away or even forget about the App once they get back home. Take them through the registration process as you promote the event.

Stream Post Sermon Videos and Services Live and/or Podcasts Using the Church App

When a mother is home nursing a sick child or when a family goes on a vacation during the summer, they may still want to enjoy the service with other church members. Allowing them to view all the proceedings of the church on a real-time basis comes in so handy. Some of your members may want to listen to what they missed while traveling or they may just want to listen to that touching message again. Just put this message on the church app, and you will be shocked at the number of people who will download and start using the application. You will not have a hard time in trying to get people to appreciate the use of the church app.