Your Value Never Changes

What if I should give you $500US right now, would you want it? What if I should crush it; would you still want it? What if I should step on it; would you still want it? I am sure you would. Why? Because no matter what I do to it or how old it is, its value never changes.

Many of us were crushed beyond measure by significant others such as our parents, intimate partners, friends, people whom we associate with, and co-workers, among others. We are made to feel less than who says we are, while some of us have lost our identity and purpose in life because of others. Many of us are fearful of stepping out or doing things, because we have been crushed so many times in the past that we are intimidated by others.

I wrote this book to let you know if you are one of the millions of people who are crushed by life, I want to tell you that God sees everything. He may not have intervened when you were laughed at, belittled, humiliated, cast down and walked all over, or when your father or mother hit you until you felt like you were going to die, but he saw it and he wants you to know you were broken, but in the right places; broken, but not according to the will of . Life crushed you, but he wants you to use your pain, all that you have been through, all those negative words people used at you on a regular basis; he wants you to use all that you have been through and are going through to help others.

You may feel like you are not important or valuable, but you are valuable to God. Jesus died so that you may know your value. You have so much value that the enemy is afraid of you and wants to take away what God has invested in you before it can be manifested.

Just like how the crushed and dirty $500US bill doesn’t loses its value, likewise, no matter what happens to you in life, your value doesn’t change. In fact, your experiences have made you a lot more valuable than you were. You may ask, how so? Well, let me tell you: for most of my life I was crushed by the words of others; by the words of my father so much that before he gave his life to God most times I was afraid to be in his presence; crushed by the words of my co-workers at times; crushed by people who boasted and looked down on me because of my weakness and my inability at times to purchase certain things; crushed by my mistakes. Many times I would look at others and compare myself to them, oftentimes wishing I was them; many times I wished I was never born or that God would take my life. I hated my life, and secretly was mad at God for all he allowed me to go through, not to mention doubted his love for me. Why should he when I didn’t love myself? Like the apostle Paul rejoiced in his persecution and afflictions, so now I rejoice in all I have been through. Why? I have learnt that I am now more valuable because of all I have been through. My experiences have led me to write this book you’re reading now; my experiences have put me in a position where I am able to minister to many who felt like giving up, many who were troubled by things that pushed them over the edge. How many people have I ministered to or counseled who wanted to give up on life, but are now and serving God because God trusted me with my pain and afflictions?

Moving Forward

As you go through this day and face the rest of your life, I want you to understand that your experiences have made you more valuable than you were before those experiences. Thousands of international and motivational speakers travel the world, encouraging and ministering to millions, because life crushed them and they have overcome. They were broken, but in the right places. Who is waiting on your testimony? Some of you reading this book right now need to start writing a book about all you have been through; if you write it, I am sure someone will read it.

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