Christmas Party Ideas For Kids in 2016

The air is festive and the mood is joyous. Kids are waiting for the Christmas to take revelry to a new level altogether. Why not add to their fun and help them pick from some really amazing party ideas to make the occasion even more memorable? Worry not, as a great party won’t need more than cookies, cupcakes, candies, pretzels, twizzlers and nuts.

Here are some of Christmas party ideas for kids –

Cookie decorating party

Host a cookie decorating bash this Christmas and invite your friends and pals over to you home. Do the prep work the night before and make sure to have at least 3 or 4 candies per kid. Set up the workstation nicely for each kid, give them the stuff and let them engage them in the decoration. Great fun is assured to all the guests!

Craft making party

Host a craft making party and give your guests an opportunity to showcase their creative side. By selecting this party idea, you get kids to work on craft projects and prompt them to show their imagination in the time of festivity. Put papers, glues, scissors and all those stuff in place and ask kids to get started. Make sure to reward the kid that comes up with the best pieces of craft for the night.

Candyland theme

Candyland theme is sure to make the Christmas party a great fun. So, stock up lots of cookies, cupcakes, candy canes, sweets and drinks. Have the place decorated in bright Christmas colors to get the décor match with the cookie land theme. The idea will surely rock with kids and they will have a great time for sure.

Winter wonderland

Get the party place transformed into an enchanted winter kingdom. Have a décor in white and blue and add a lot of glitter to the place. Now, bring in the snacks and candies and cakes and let the party start in an amazing setting. This idea is something that not only kids but adults too would like to be part of for sure.

Carnival theme

Carnival theme is great to pick as it will fit perfectly with the festive mood of the time. So, get the party place decorated in vibrant colors and ask the guests to show in a theme costume. Even better, urge the kids to come with a mask on and that will surely up the ante. With snacks and cookies served and music played in the background, a memorable party is sure to be hand by one and all.

Trampoline-themed party

Kids love jumping around. So, why not host a trampoline-themed party this Christmas and let guests do what they do the best – jumping. You can place a mini trampoline in the corner and even can install a hoop on the wall. This way, kids can perfect slam dunking skills and enjoy a great party for sure. The fun may not match that of an indoor trampoline park, but it will delight most of the guests for sure.

Choose one of these party ideas and give kids a memorable Christmas party 2016.