Top 10 Romantic Surprises for Your Monthsary Celebration

Some people are saying romance is dead.
I disagree. I think people are more romantic now than ever before. A good
example of this is the monthsary celebration. The less romantic readers might
be wondering what a monthsary is, lucky you are reading this then. Why wait 12
months to celebrate the anniversary of your love when you can celebrate every
month with a monthsary? Quite simply, it is a monthly celebration of your
anniversary. It is a way to keep the love going all year and just needs a
little thought and planning.

While the monthsary is a lovely and romantic idea, it does increase the pressure as you now have to
come up with 11 ideas throughout the year as well as your actual anniversary.
The other thing is, they cannot be too extravagant as you are doing it every
month not once a year. You need ideas that are affordable.

To help you out, we have narroweddown 10 romantic surprises
for your monthsary celebration. That leaves you with just one idea to come up

1. Love letters

In these times of instant messaging and e-mail, it is always
lovely to get a handwritten romantic love letter. Speak from the heart and
surprise your love with the letter.

2. Flowers

I know it sounds like a cliché but there is a reason flowers
are so popular. Women and most men love to be surprised with fresh flowers. It
is the perfect way to celebrate your monthsary. Flowers never go out of fashion
and will work for any romantic occasion.

3. Pamper day

There are a few ways you can do this, depending on
circumstances and your budget. You could book a spa treatment or even a spa day
or even get the necessary items and create a home paper day for your love.

4. Breakfast in bed

This is another classic that always works and is perfect for
him or her. Make is special with a fresh flower and delicious food, coffee and
fruit juice. The trick is to time it just right so that your partner wakes up
to the lovely aroma of coffee and food on the go.

5. Photo collection

Here is another Monthsary celebration idea you can do in a
number of ways. Find a whole lot of photos of your partner as well as of the
two of you together. Depending on what you have and your lifestyle, you could
put them into a big frame, make up an album or make a digital photo book. You
could even put them on a digital photo frame. This is one of the outstanding monthsary
gift ideas.

pexels photo 326650


6. Chocolates

Another surprise that everybody loves is their favorite
chocolate. Find a surprising or romantic way to give them to your love. If you
need monthsary gift ideas, you cannot go
wrong with good chocolates.

7. Bubble bath

Drawing a nice big bubble bath with a great fragrance is
always a romantic treat. Make sure the scene is set for a calm, soothing and
romantic soak with soft lights, candles and gentle music.

8. Picnic

Get a basket with a variety of both of your favorite snacks
and treats and find a peaceful scenic area. Don’t forget something to drink and
a nice comfortable blanket.

9. Relive your first date

Try to recreate your first date as closely as possible.
Hopefully you remember the small details such as what you were both wearing,
where you went and what you ate. If you have moved, no problem. Just keep the
other elements as close as possible.

10. Movie night

Make a special movie night at home. Select a his and her
movie and make sure there is plenty of popcorn, pillows and a blanket. Make the
movie choice something romantic.

There you have 10 easy to do but guaranteed winner ideas for 10 romantic surprises for your monthsary celebration. Keep the romance burningall year round. All you havetodo is think of one more to make 11 and then plan something extra special for the main anniversary. You can never have too much romance so go for it.