How to plan a trip to the Andaman Islands on a shoestring budget

The Andaman Islands are a treasure chest of different adventures, experiences, and vistas for all kinds of travelers. It is one of those places that have something for everyone. Thankfully, not a lot of people venture into the sandy beaches and green thickets of these islands. It is a nexus of pristine beauty, waiting patiently for the thirsty eyes of dedicated travelers, family vacationers, thrill lovers and romantic honeymooners.

A plan to Andaman needs more than funds and contact numbers. It needs the proper knowledge about the accessible islands, their resources, and unique features. Each island in the Andaman archipelago is salient, and you need to know which ones you want to visit within your limited time to offer yourself and your family the vacation of a lifetime.

Point to remember before booking an Andaman tour package

People often take a step back before booking an Andaman tour package because they appear expensive and elaborate. The best way to circumvent this problem is to create your itinerary even before you start booking your tickets. Here are a few ways you can save on your next trip to the Andaman Islands –

  1. Book your flight ticket at least three months in advance. A lot of websites will offer alerts for people interested in budget tickets.
  2. Identify the attractions and the local islands you want to visit. Apply for permits and find out all requisites with a few weeks in hand.
  • Make a list of activities you wish to do during your stay on the Andaman Islands. These exotic islands are home to several snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking and deep sea diving associations. If you want the best deal of everything, understand the laws, apply for permits and book your activities in advance.
  1. If you have a time constraint, give two nights to Port Blair and one night on Havelock or Neil Island at least! It is best not to keep very few days for your visit since each island can take between a couple of hours to at least one day, even if you plan for quick island-hopping adventures.

Here are a few secrets of perfect travel only a few Andaman tour package booking companies will tell you about –

  • Most people visiting Andaman on a budget stick to Havelock, Port Blair and Neil Island only. These are the islands of South Andaman, more popular among the visitors looking for some family time.
  • Others often choose Middle Andaman Islands including Long Island, Baratang Island, Mayabunder and Rangat. These are less crowded, and they offer perfect spots for water activities and viewing.
  • The North Andaman Islands now accessible to visitors include Diglipur, Smith Island, Ramnagar Island, and North Bay Island. These are further away from the mainland and closer to the unspoiled beauty of the tropics.
  • If you want to visit the lesser known treasures during your budget travel to the Andaman Islands, target the Northern Islands of the archipelago. Most of them need a special permit for even daytime visits. So, foreign nationals should contact concerned authorities for permits with considerable time in hand.

Your visit to the Andaman Islands does not have to be expensive and tiring. Remembering these simple points can help you create the perfect vacation experience for you and your family.

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