8 Important Travel Tips For Couples To Enjoy Their First Vacation Together

“They are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined, let no one separate.”- Matthew 19:6

When a couple takes the sacred vows of marriage, they aspire to be the ideal couple who stand by each other’s side throughout the life, fight all the odds together and lead a happy life. To achieve all this, they need to share love, care and loyalty which nurture compatibility and comfort in relationship. Apart from long conversations and dating before marriage, the first vacation they spend together plays a key role in fostering compatibility in the relationship.

So, take a look here if you’re all set to leave for a honeymoon and fall for your life-partner again, especially when you choose spending your honeymoon in a country like India or in Maldives.

1. Finalize The Honeymoon Destination Mutually

We all adore giving surprises to our life-partner. Seeing a Cheshire Cat smile on his/her face is worth a million dollars. But, while deciding a honeymoon destination, you both should sit together and brainstorm for an appropriate destination. Don’t take too much stress to manage everything on your own. Deciding a common honeymoon destination together, like India or Maldives, will help you both in spinning some indelible moments. After finalizing it, also ensure that the place is fulfilling the demands of both the partners. After all, you both should stay happy and relish the vacation to its fullest.

2.Budget, Budget, & Budget!

After the honeymoon destination is decided, the second priority is the budget. Before you set your foot out for a blissful honeymoon you both will be having soon, set a budget for it. Usually, couples tend to splurge in order to please each other. Though that’s adorable, it can give some slow jerks to the budget planned and might end up bad. Thus, finalize the budget and check it thoroughly.

3. Manage The Luggage

What else can be worse than realizing that you’ve exceeded the allowance limit for the luggage? This is the common issue faced by many, and to keep it at bay manage your luggage before boarding the flight. Apart from the clothes, footwear, toiletries, and necessary medicines, subtract everything else from the list. Choose the luggage carefully. After all, the two of you are going to chum around and not prepare for establishing an underground bunker during the honeymoon.

4. Stay Away From The Social Media

You both took the vows together to stay beside each other whatever be the situation. One of those sacred vows is giving a plenty of time to each other by staying away from the social media. It is entirely understood that people, especially in the present-day scenario, cannot stay away from their phones. But whilst holidaying, you should give more time to your partner than uploading & sharing the unnecessary photographs clicked. Whatever else is happening can wait, thus, relish the precious moments with your other half on the honeymoon.

5. A Spark Of Romance- The Other Way

When a newlywed couple is holidaying together for the first time, it is obvious that both would like to get intimate. Getting closer to each other, especially during honeymoon, is something each newlywed couple wants to experience. But, this intimate romance isn’t constrained till the physical attraction. The first holiday for a couple holds various meanings. This is the chance when you can get to know (and witness) different sides of your soul-mate.

The romance on the honeymoon can be another chance to win over your life partner’s heart once again. Try pampering your partner and indulge in what they like doing. Drop a kiss on his/her hand suddenly, play the game of chase with them, share a common glass of a beverage etc. This will surely prosper the love between the two of you.

6. ‘When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do’

This phrase should be worshiped by every couple whilst they’re holidaying. This is the biggest secret revealed for enjoying an astounding honeymoon. In order to relish the holiday, it is guaranteed that both partners grab every chance to please their other half. But something is missing here, don’t you feel so? Whilst holidaying, you shouldn’t ignore the world around. Without gelling up with the people around, you might find it a little tough communicating with them.

So, leave no chance to interact with them, get yourself clicked, gather some unknown or new information about the place where you both are enjoying, the traditions followed by them etc. This will surely make your honeymoon even memorable.

7. Be Their “Perfect” Photographer

Who wouldn’t love to capture a beguiling photograph of their new life-partner? Of course, everyone will. Capturing the photograph not only means a ‘say cheese’ moment. Capturing a photograph means preserving that golden moment till eternity. Click a lot of photographs including the candid shots of your partner, even if it’s a silly face. You will return as a storyteller, have a lot of tales to narrate of falling for each other again & again, and show how much you enjoyed the honeymoon together.

8. Care For And Pamper Each Other

These are one of the supreme things soul-mates can do for each other. After coming back from the market or the beach, there’s a slight chance that your life-partner might feel pain in limbs. Without wasting a moment, you should give a gentle massage in order to provide relaxation to your partner’s limbs. This will enhance the respect for you. If required, treat them like a baby and narrate a tale until your partner is fast asleep.

In such condition, there’s no compulsion to tour around the honeymoon destination. Take a break and pamper your soul-mate. Bring their favorite breakfast in bed and spend the whole day together. Cuddle with each other, talk endlessly, know more about their likes-dislike etc. It will help in increasing the level of comfort between the two of you.

On An Ending Note…

There are certain things in life that can be experienced and relished the best after marrying the one that has been created for you by the divine power. After tying the pious knot of the wedding, both partners share the equal status till their last breath. Thus, both should know each other even better by spinning some indelible moments together. We hope that the tips you read above will prove to be useful in some or the other way when you pack your luggage and step out to spend your honeymoon.



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