Prayerlessness In Marriage

Prayerlessness In Marriage

Here’s some an interesting statistic shared by dating site: while 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce, and 80 percent of second marriages end in divorce, less than 1 percent of couples who pray together daily end their marriages. Prayer has a real effect on the depth of companionship within your marriage.

Prayer is a mighty weapon ignored by many. It is so potent and lethal that the devil does everything to discourage people from using it, and consequently, rob them of this great weapon. Satan has kept many in ignorance of what prayer is all about. To such people, prayer is lazy man’s apology. It is a mediocre gambit and a foolish man’s past-time. Prayerlessness is a dummy of deceit from Satan; a false glory to the captive, and a mirage of freedom to the doomed.

Prayerlessness is an indication of self-reliance and rebellion against God. The educated and exposed may not see any need to pray and rely on God for the success of his or her marriage because he or she has all the wisdom of how to handle his wife or her husband. There are a lot of books to read and seminars to attend on marriage. Marriage counsellors operating with carnal and academic knowledge which transforms no person also abound. So, there is more trust in these than in God.

But the fact remains that in dealing with human beings, we are not dealing with materials things that are at our beck and call. Human beings are spirits, and no ordinary man has control over spirits.  That is why all your threats do not move your wife or husband. That is why he or she continues to cause you heartbreak despite your love for him or her. That is why there is that disturbing mood swing which threatens the peace of your marriage in your marriage partner.

The spiritual aspect of man can only be handled by God, and that through prayer. Otherwise all marriage books, seminars and counsellors would have ended all marriage conflicts and crises by now. But ironically, the more books are written on the topic and seminars organized, the more marriage problems abound. The key to sound marriage relationship is not in any other thing but in depending on God. And we express our dependence on, and humility to God through prayer.

There may not be any statistics to prove this point, but it appears educated married couples experience marriage break-ups more than the less educated ones. If marriage problems could be solved only by mental ability, surely the educated would have had less problems in marriage. I believe that married couples who make God a stake holder in their marriage experience less problems in their marriage relationship.

Prayerfulness by married couples help tremendously to achieve sound marriage relationship because husband and wife who pray together usually have one mind. As they pray for each other, their love and affection for each other continue to increase. Praying against problems in their marriage relationship will create in each of them the responsibility to ensure and maintain peace and harmony in the home. This is because prayer has a compelling force and brings God into a situation.