Baby Home Safety

Before the arrival of a new member to any family the parents must ensure that their home will offer their child a safe environment to live in. Although during the first few months of a child’s life their parents will constantly be watching over them as they grow they become more mobile. So looking at baby home safety issues should be important to any parents to be.

In this article we offer some tips that can help you to ensure that your home will be safe for that beautiful baby boy or girl that you have.

Tip 1- To determine how to make your home safe for your baby it is a good idea to look at each room as a child would see it. So you need to actually get down on your hands and knees and see what they would see and what may interest them.

Tip 2 – In order to prevent young children from falling into the toilet make sure that you fit locks to the lids. Plus why not consider having toilet lids installed that self close after a certain time following their use.

Tip 3 – If you are going to be using a bucket in which soiled nappies can be placed after changing your baby make sure that you go for one’s which are tamper proof. Also it is a good idea to put them in a position out of your child’s reach.

Tip 4 – When it comes to all sorts of cleaning supplies and medical supplies make sure that these are in places that your child won’t have access to. If there are essential chemicals or something important things but dangerous for your kid, store them away from the home. You can build your own storage area or just hire storage unit like storage units Dayton.  It is a good idea to fit special catches to doors that allow them to open a short way so little fingers cannot become trapped, but prevent them from actually removing items from inside.

Tip 5 – Make sure that you purchase a cot for your child to sleep in that conforms to the minimum safety standards. Look for those where the slats on each side of the cot are no more than 2 to 3/8 inches apart. Also make sure that all corners and edges are well protected.

Tip 6 – Although you may be inclined to use soft bedding in your baby’s cot avoid using any of this at all. Unfortunately the chances of your baby becoming entangled in them at night as they sleep is great and can lead to them being suffocated.

Tip 7 – Before giving any toys to your baby that has come as presents from others check them over. Again it is a good idea to make sure that the ones you provide meet the relevant safety standards for baby toys. If unsure what these standards are the internet can provide you with details.

Tip 8 – One other thing one must do when it comes to baby home safety issues is to ensure that all you install baby proof plugs on all electrical equipment. Plus use trucking to ensure that baby’s don’t have easy access to electrical cords and make sure that all electrical sockets in use are covered.