Distributing Traditional Marriage Booklet Led An Australian Bishops To Face Lawsuit


Australian bishops are under fire from the members of the country’s political movement after they distributed a booklet that supported traditional marriage.


reports the booklet, titled “Don’t Mess with Marriage” was distributed nationwide. Additionally, the archbishop of Hobart, Julian Porteous sent the booklet home to parents of Catholic school children in Tasmania.


This is what “Don’t Mess with Marriage” said about traditional marriages: “Their physical, spiritual, psychological and sexual differences show they are meant for each other, their union makes them whole, and through their union ‘in one flesh,’ they together beget children who are ‘flesh of their flesh.’”


The distribution of “Don’t Mess with Marriage” outraged Rodney Croome, the leader of Australia’s gay marriage political movement. Croome claimed that the bishops had turned the children into “couriers of prejudice” by giving them copies of the booklet. ……….

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