Are You Ready to Propose?

NB: Guest post by Martin Williams at

Are you wondering if you are ready to propose to your significant other? If you’re not sure, there are several signs that indicate whether or not you are ready for that next exciting step.

1. You Are Aware of Each Other’s Goals

Discussing goals together shows that you are on the same page about your future. By sharing each other’s goals in both the short-term and long-term, this can help envision the direction of your future together and be on the same page on what it will look like.

2. You Can Be Yourself with Your Partner

Do you hold back on your interests, hobbies, or parts of your personality when you are with your partner? Or do you share everything? Part of knowing if you are ready to propose is feeling comfortable and emotionally safe with your partner. They don’t make you feel judged or embarrassed when you share a piece of yourself to them, and vice versa.

3. You Talk About Your Finances

Talking about finances can be a tricky topic, but it is also an important one. Sharing financial information such as loans, income, and savings really helps to provide a strong foundation for your future together. While money should not be the main focus of your relationship, it is an important aspect of sharing a life together. Being aware of each other’s financial situations will add more security to your relationship and prevent any undesirable situations in the future.

4. Your Friends and Family Approve

Meeting one another’s family and friends is naturally an important milestone. Having them approve of your relationship is priceless. Receiving your loved ones’ support and approval can give you peace of mind that you are with the right person, and further cement the bonds you two have.

5. You Share the Same Values

Sharing values creates comfort and security in a relationship. If you both have similar values in terms of boundaries, family, religion, and your relationship, this will only create more intimacy and a greater connection between you both.

6. You Have Already Thought About the Engagement Ring

Have you already pictured what kind of diamond ring your significant other would like? Have you thought about what style, cut, metal, and shape she would want? If you have been thinking about the different options, or perhaps even asked her what style of ring she prefers, this is another sign you are ready to propose!

7. You Plan Ahead

When making bigger purchases such as furniture or your next vacation, are you planning with your partner in mind? If you are making more long-term plans that include your partner, you are planning with the idea that you will still be with that person; certainly, a good sign!

8. You Talk About Your Future Together

Have you discussed what neighborhood you would like to live in, or your thoughts on the next five years with your partner? If it is easy for both of you to discuss joint future plans, this creates confidence in your relationship to continue your journey together as a couple.