You Are More Than Enough, You Are The Head and Not The Tail

It is very hard for us to go through life without people attaching different labels to us, nothing is wrong with that if the label they attach to you is right, you are a mighty man/woman, you will be a great man or woman, , and so on.

Nothing is wrong when you accept these labels.

But the problem is when they start speaking negative over your life

Your not good enough
You are the least
You are insignificant
You are a weakling
Who do you think you are?
You will never be a great parent
You will never come out of debt
and the list goes on.

We cannot not stop people from talking, but we can choose what we accept in our spirit. When people speaks negative words over your life, don’t let it go into your spirit, don’t accept it and don’t meditate on it. Whatever you meditate on, that is what will control you.

If you mediate on the negative, you are not good enough, you are average, you will never rise out of poverty, you will never graduate from college, you will never get any good breaks, that is what will control your life.

Every great and went through rejection and had negative words spoken about them, but they did not allow those words to take root in their spirit.

I want to tell you that Your more than enough. You are not the least, but you are the head. your not insignificant, but you are very significant. You are AWESOME!
YOU ARE ONE OF KIND and took 9 months to ensure you came out of your mother’s womb perfect with everything you need to be victorious.

Who dear tells you otherwise?

Before you were born, God thought about you and appointed you a great man or woman. He has put gifts and talents in you that will make your name great. God said unto that before he was born God knew him and ordain him as a prophet unto the nations. Jeremiah did not became someone of significance when he was born or became a man, got his education, got his formal training to be a priest.

No he was a person of importance before he was born.

Maybe your parents told you that your birth was a mistake and all your life you felt unwanted, that’s a lie. The fact is that your birth was not a mistake. Your not a mistake. If you were a mistake God would not have allowed you to be born.

I don’t care what people tells you, your important, you have seeds of greatness inside of you. You were created to be . The tail drags along, you were not made to be drag along, but you were made to lead. You were created to be the head, above and not beneath.

Are you going to allow the people attach to you to control your life? I hope your answer is no.