5 common mistakes men make in choosing their fashion style

Men these days have changed and for the better. They now no longer limit themselves to wearing the ordinary style of clothing. Most men want to make an impressive impact on people they deal with and hence you can see them dabbling with different fashion styles. However men who are not so conscious can make the following 5 mistakes.

Loose clothes– We all want to stay comfortable and especially during summers it is very difficult to wear closely tight suits. To avoid that men wear loose and baggy clothes thinking that how that can matter. In truth this is the worst you can do to your fashion style.

Short sleeve shirt and tie– This is a fashion faux pas which most men invariably end up making. You cannot and should not wear a tie with a short sleeves shirt as that would really bring down your style quotient.

Excessive or no jewelry – Men need to understand that wearing jewelry is not only the prerogative of women. Even they can wear bishop rings, bracelets and pendants and still be able to make an enviable impression. The only thing to take care of here is that your look should never be over the top.

Dirty shoes– This is the ultimate put off and if you are not careful you may end up losing many admirers here. Make sure your shoes are suitably fitted and do not appear dirty or show any kind of cracks. You may not think this as important but a man is identified with the kind of shoes he wears.

Socks and sandals– Wearing socks with sandals is something no one should ever attempt. Neither does it look stylish nor impressive enough to attract any kind of attention.

These are just few silly mistakes men can make while dressing up and if you do not want to be put into this category start avoiding them immediately.