Tips On Getting A Healthy And Beautiful Body

In today’s Photoshop culture, almost no one is happy with the way their body looks. You might not realize it, but feeling the need of adding filters to each photo you upload on social media puts a detrimental effect on your psychology. Studies have shown that when you feel negative about your body, your body starts shaping automatically in that manner. We are not saying that you should not think about improving your body. You should actually keep working towards a good body but not with a negative image in your mind. And most importantly, focus on getting a healthier body. When your body, skin, and hair are healthy, they will naturally look beautiful. Follow the below tips to bless yourself with a healthy body that eventually will be beautiful too.

Stop seeing yourself through the eyes of the media: You should know that your inner thoughts have a direct impact on your body. So, if you want a healthy and beautiful body, you’ll need to correct your inner thoughts about it. And to do this, you need to stop seeing yourself through the eyes of media (and social media too). The body shapes and colors you see in media and even on social media platforms are mostly fake. So, don’t get obsessed with what you see in magazines, websites, and films. You have a natural body type and that is beautiful. See yourself as an individual with unique characteristics; you don’t need to look like anybody else.

Keep your body in the right shape: First, let us make the fact clear – there’s no set formula for a right or wrong body shape. When we say you should get into the right shape, we simply mean that you should keep your body in its healthiest form. You should not start losing or gaining weight to get a bodily figure like anyone else. You should do so to keep your body healthy. Know what should be your ideal weight according to your age and height and make that ideal weight your target. If you are heavier than you should actually be, then you can do lots of things to get in shape. This includes a good HCG diet plan. If you are in the right range of weight, you don’t need to enter the rat race of being size zero. If your body mass index is within the desirable range, you are in the right shape.

Drink lots of water: One of the most important things that can give you a healthy and beautiful body is water – simple plain water. Drink lots and lots of water because it has multi-faceted benefits. Water makes your muscles work efficiently by keeping them hydrated. It softens the skin and makes your hair shiny. It keeps your digestive system working properly. It even helps you stay stress-free while simultaneously improving your cognitive abilities. If we sit and write, a whole book can be written on the good impacts of water on our body. Obviously, you do not want to read that much at this moment. So, just remember that you have to drink lots of water every day to improve your overall health and looks.

Get undisturbed sleep for eight hours: Just like water, sleep too improves our health in many ways. And it also affects your natural beauty in a good way. You have heard about beauty sleep, haven’t you? Whether you want to lose or gain weight, make your face look more attractive, tone your muscles, get rid of some health issues or improve your memory or concentration, you need to take eight hours of sleep every night. Any goal related to your body, mind or better life cannot be achieved without giving your body and mind the rest they deserve. You should have a strict sleeping routine like you have a routine for your work. Shut off your electronic gadgets one hour before your sleeping time and don’t check your mobile the first thing in the morning. This habit puts a bad impact on your natural sleep rhythm.

Read books daily: Yes, the habit of reading books too has a good impact on your body. Book reading cannot directly tone your muscles or make your skin glow but they can indirectly put a good impact on all the aspects of a healthy and beautiful body. Although you can read books at any time of the day, we suggest reading it just before the bed. As discussed in the previous point, you should switch off your electronic gadgets one hour before your bedtime. What would you do at this time? Read a book! Reading a book is a great stress buster, so you’ll get a sound sleep when you hit the bed after reading some pages of a book. It goes without saying that books are the best thing for your mental health which, in turn, shows its direct impact on your physical health. And choose paper books over eBooks. Reading books on electronic devices doesn’t have the same impact as reading print books.

Exercise daily: It’s no surprise that physical exercise affects your physical health. Include workouts in your daily routine but don’t do it mindlessly. You need to plan well before including any type of exercise in your daily routine. Doing the same exercise daily is not the best thing to do. Mix and match all types of exercises including cardio and strength-training to get the maximum benefit. While doing strength training exercises, you should opt for compound exercises rather than ones focusing on a single muscle group. Target on exercising your full body not only hands and legs.

Take a deep breath: Every function of our body requires lots of oxygen and you can give your body adequate amounts of oxygen just by breathing deep. If you visit a park every morning and evening, it will give you an added benefit. But, you should not forget inhaling and exhaling deeply all through the day. When you supply lots of oxygen to your body systems by inhaling and exhaling deeply, you’ll clearly see the impact on your mental and physical health. And don’t forget, it will also bring a glow to your face. Deep breathing regulates the blood flow in the body and also helps in flushing out toxins. You must know that deep breathing has the power to relieve body aches in addition to treating stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders. In addition to these, deep breathing is also linked to enhancing the feel-good hormones in human body. So, when you make deep breathing a habit, you’ll always be in the happy-happy mood.

Eat the right food: You must have heard the adage ‘you are what you eat’ at least a hundred times. But, do you really follow it? If you want a healthy and beautiful body, you must eat well. And this means taking the right meal at the right time. The schedule of eating is equally important as the food you consume. So, eat your food on time. As you already know, you should eat real foods i.e. foods directly obtained from nature and cooked in your kitchen. Say no to canned and packaged foods. Junk foods are seriously junk and they have the similar effect on your body. But here we can give you a loophole. You can eat junk foods and packaged foods once in a while but don’t forget the law of moderation. Eat everything but in smaller quantities. And this is allowed only when you follow all the other rules of a healthy lifestyle.

Following all these tips will require a lot of self-discipline and motivation. But if you follow these, you are sure to have a healthy and beautiful body. So, even if it feels tough in the beginning, stay committed to a healthy lifestyle to reap multiple benefits.



  1. I like your comment above. ” inner thoughts have a direct impact on your body.” this is so true. We project what we think about all day through our bodies. what we eat also plays a huge part.