Top qualities of a good father

It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.”

Pope John XXIII

Being a father is easy but being a takes a lot. After all, only being good can help shape the future of the child in the desired manner.

A good father is one who is right behind the child come what it may. He’s someone more than a pillar of strength to the child.

And above all, he’s what the child always look up to day in and day out for any and every help. A good father is one who loves and disciplines the child in equal way.

In a way, a good father is supposed to have some , including:

Soft yet tough

A good father is one who is soft when the child is within the limit but tough, when the implied code of conduct is breached. He’s caring and loving to the core yet does not condone misdeeds of the child at the same time.

Man of words not fists

A good father is one who is more of a man of words than fists. He’s someone considerate and not least bit of aggressive towards the child and their bad deeds. He’s a man who knows how words have more magical impact on kids than fists.

Caring yet practical

A good father is one who cares for every needs and requirements that add value to the child. Likewise, he’s someone practical in approach and ready to ‘teach’ the child the virtues of earning own butter and bread.

Educated in worldly affairs

A good father is one who is aware of all those mistakes a child can make. He knows age-appropriate blunders a child can be prone to. He is someone who is ready to forgive for those ‘firsts mistakes’ and occasional bloopers but surely not the repeated ones.


A good father is one who is aware of the changing times and tides and who knows that some kind of freedom is important for the kid. He’s someone comfortable with the idea of the child swayed by the charms and lures of the modern times. He’s surely not the one to whine about any small changes or events that fail to conform to the set standard or norm.

A teacher

Yes, a good father is much like a teacher informing, educating, enriching and enlightening the child for all time. He is someone who tells the child value of everything in the world. He teaches them to appreciate things in life.. And he’s surely not of the tribe that wants their child to be like them.

Leading by example

And lastly, good fathers often are those that lead by example rather than waiting activities for kids to feel inspired. Such fathers need to do a lot of sacrifice in life in order to set an example for the child. From drinking to smoking to abusing to quarrelling, all has to be curbed to be a good father.


In a nutshell, being a good father takes a lot but then, it’s something worth giving a chase.