9 Gift Ideas for an Expecting Mom on Baby Shower

Selecting a unique item to gift
an expectant mother on a baby shower can be challenging especially if you have
no idea how to go about it. Expectant mothers normally face some very
overwhelming times as they look forward to the arrival of their newborns and
throwing a successful baby shower will definitely help ease the anxiety and
give them the strength to go through the entire process successfully.

With this in mind, it is always
important to give a careful thought to the gift you pick and make sure it does
impress without being too common. Here are 9 baby shower gift ideas that will
help you be on point always:

1. Diapers

No matter where you are, gifting
an expectant mom with diapers will always be a great idea. Every new mom will
tell you how such a gift pack will always come as a precious item as diapers
are always essential for the new bundle of joy.

Parents normally use a number of
diapers every day and coping with this demand can be strenuous for any mother thus making the gift “godsend”. Even
what might seem obvious will always be appreciated if it serves the needs
especially during the first year. You can choose a size that is suitable for
1-6 months old babies

2. Non-contact thermometer

A thermometer is a must-have for
any new parent but not many new mothers are prepared with one as they enter
into the new part of their life. You can, therefore, choose the best
thermometer as a baby shower gift and non-contact brands come highly
recommended as they can be used right from the first days to the years ahead.

The thermometer helps take the
baby’s temperature without startling him/her and the expectant mother will
surely find it to be a great gift while raising the new family member.

3. Baby Wrap

A baby wrap will also be a great
gift and although it won’t be used immediately after birth, your friend will
definitely thank you for it. A good wrap offers hands-free convenience to the
mom and baby wearing also comes with multiple benefits that will be highly

4. Baby Sleeper

Any parent will attest to the
fact that a good baby sleeper is an absolute lifesaver especially when the baby
is fussy. There are many models available in the market including Rock ‘N Play
but one thing you can be sure of is that they help soothe the baby in rocking
motions. When choosing the baby sleeper, pick one that has a secure inclined
position and calming vibrations but also consider portability. A soft fabric
will also be great for added comfort.

5. A crib with changing table

You’ll never go wrong with a crib
but choosing one that has a changing table is very important. This combo not
only will help save you money but also save the new mom some space. You can
choose from a variety of design concepts ranging from classic to simple styles
but one thing is for sure, the best crib with
changing table
 will bring convenience to the new mom in a great way.

6. Crib change sheets

Maybe you know that the expectant
mom already has a crib especially if they are not first time moms. Well, you
still can surprise her with a unique selection of crib change sheets for use
with the newborn on the way. A nice choice should have different protection
layers to help protect the crib mattress while keeping the baby dry and

7. Baby food blender

Although this may not be put to
use immediately, you can be sure that the new mom will be remembering you many
years to come especially when they start using it. A unique baby blender will
help make work easy for her in the kitchen and also be an essential tool to
help make baby foods faster and conveniently.

8. Gentle Nail Trimmer

Once baby nails start growing
firm and the scratching becomes the norm, the expectant mom will surely
appreciate this baby shower gift. The gentle nail trimmer is battery-operated
and very gentle and can be used on babies without traumatizing them. It’s a
really unique gift to consider.

9. Backup baby bag

Moms will find this bag to be
ideal as it’s designed to be left in the car for use in case one forgets
something in the house while travelling. The bag comes with an assortment of
things ranging from a pacifier to diapers to diaper cream. The backup
bags are great for keeping baby items organized
and within reach when

These 9 baby shower gift ideas
will surely be a blessing to any mom and you can choose the right colors and
sizes based on the way you know the recipient. For example, the best crib with
changing table should be one that best fits within the available space and this
is something you should consider when shopping around. Always choose something