10 Qualities of Good Fathers

In a society where fathers are not present in their child’s life, it can be very difficult to find a good father who is not only there financially, but is also their emotionally and spiritually for their children.

So as we celebrate our fathers, I want to take the time to highlight 10 . But first, , or who should a father be?

A father is a male figure who provides protection, financial and emotional support, structure, moral values, vision and purpose for the family.

In light of this definition, here are 10 qualities of a good father:

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  1. Accountability

Good fathers are men who realize that children are a blessing from the Lord (Ps 127:3-5) and of such realize that their children are their responsibility and will not seek to relinquish their roles to mothers, daycare personnel’s, the , school or to the government. Fathers are proud to be a dad and are there for their children, even if they can’t provide for them financially as they should.

  1. Do not provoke their children to wrath

The Bible in the book of Ephesians 6:4 tells fathers that they should not provoke their children to wrath. What this means is that they will not purposefully do things that will make their children scorn, angry, bitter or resentful against them. There will be times that you will have to them and they will not like it but that is very different. Many fathers speak abusive words against their children and these can bring hatred or bitterness.

  1. Protective

Good Fathers protects their children by drawing clear boundaries, look out for their best interest, talk to them about things they should be aware of, and put things in place that will protect them. He teach his child about the consequences of making the wrong choices, how to be a man or woman according to the Bible, and warns them of the dangers of sin. These are the fathers that do not let their kids do as they please but will instill discipline that will be beneficial to all parties and will instill character development. They are not afraid to talk to their children about sex and .

  1. Listens

A good dad will take time to listen to their children giving them their undivided attention and trying to understand things from their perspective. Fathers should not take anything their children tells them for granted but if their children reports any form of abuse they should investigate such abuse.

  1. Affectionate

As human beings, we like to be touch affectionate and told that we are love. Yet many people around the world can testify to the fact that their fathers never hug them or told them that he love loves them. As a dad you should occasionally hug your children and tell them you love them. A little affectionate will do more good than bad and helps to build your children self-esteem.

  1. Encouraging

Good fathers do not shy away from encouraging or praising their children, even when they burned the dinner and the family has to go to a restaurant instead of enjoying a good meal at home. You may not think that your words will make any difference in your childs life, but they do. Too many fathers destroy their child’s future by cursing them instead of blessing them. One word of encouragement or positive advice you give to a child could positive affect that child future.  Your words have the power to make or break your children.

The men of in the Bible realize this and so bless their children, and it was these words of blessings that propel them into their destiny (e.g. Genesis 49:8–12)

6. Stable

A child should grow up in a stable and healthy environment. A child who grows up in abusive parental background normally grows up to be abusive. Children need a father who is stable emotionally and not abusers and alcoholics. Children, especially boys, learn from their fathers (trust, character development).

  1. Faithful to God

Your children will imitate your faith; they need to see you worship at home and at church, read your Bible often, pray and talk about God. One of the best gifts a father can give to a child is to teach his child to build a relationship with God. Fathers who are faithful to God will not mistreat their children but will grow them up in a loving and caring environment.

  1. Gentle

How many people lives have been destroyed because their fathers were physically and emotionally abusive? These children grew up to be fearful and normally suffer from low self-esteem, and many of them do not know what love is or how to receive and give it.

  1. He is a good disciplinarian

Good fathers loves and cares for their children, but at the same time will not let their children do as they please and speak to others anyhow they please without some form of punishment. He will strongly disapprove of their misdeeds and will do what’s necessary to correct them, without being abusive.

  1. He leads by example

Good fathers don’t take the approach of “do as I say, and not what I do”, but they will lead by example. If he tells his children not to smoke or drink he also will not smoke or drink alcohol. He will teach them how to walk in the will of God and how to deal with conflict and differences.

Good fathers also teach their children affection by professing his love for their mother and them. He will not will fight with her in their presence or speak emotional abusive words to her, or them.

Good fathers are very hard to find, but it is not too late for you to be one if you find yourself short.

What other qualities should a father have? How are you showing your children affection and helping to build their character? Please scroll down and share your thoughts with us