6 Easy Way To Read More Scriptures Each Day

Let’s be real for a minute, we all know that we should read ’s Word, the Bible, each day, but it is often times more easy to go on social media or get caught up in the everyday hustle than it is at times to read our Bible, even few verses of a scripture.

We know it shouldn’t be like that, but it is what it is. However, the cares of life is not an excuse for us not to read our Bible as we have more ways of engaging the Word of God than people in the early and they found time for reading scriptures each and every day.

No matter what your schedule is like each day, or whether you are struggling to read more , I want to share with you 6 easy way to read more scriptures each day.

  1. Instead of opening social media app, open a bible app when waiting in line.

Standing in line can sometimes be tiresome and boring and so we may at times be tempted to check to see any latest post on Facebook, write a post or to check out any new photos uploaded by our friends, but whether you’re in the grocery store, the bank, or carpool lines, opt for Bible apps instead of going on social media. Each moment you spend reading God’s Word is a little more strength you gain to overcome life struggles even if you are not aware of it. What you will gain from reading scriptures will have a better impact on your life than reading the latest news in your Facebook feeds.

What is your favorite Bible app, mine is MySword but you could also check out YouVersion.

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2. Listen to an audio Bible during your workout, housework, on the bus or even while walking or running.

Few of my friends prefer to listen to the Bible being read to them instead of reading it, especially when doing something. This could be a great way for you to know scriptures each day while you’re busy doing something. You will be surprise to find out that listening to scriptures being read to you while you are either working out, doing housework, on the bus or doing any other activities will help you to complete tasks quicker and with less stress.

3. Hang Scriptures around your home

It is your space, nothing is wrong with decorating your room or house with scriptures that reminds you of who you are or the blessings of the Lord. There any many scriptures that you could decorate your mirror or anywhere else in your room or house with. What this will do is that each time you pass and see the Bible verse it will remind you about God e.g Isaiah 54: 17 reminds us that no weapon that forms against shall prosper.

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4. Open the Bible to a scripture each night before you go to your bed or simple write a verse and put it near your nightstand.

What this will do is that each morning you wake up that will be the first thing you see in the mornings. What better way to start each day than with God?

5. Subscribe to verse of the day or even devotional emails

If  you are like me who check my emails each day, then you should definitely subscribe to Verse of The Day emails or devotional emails.

6. Try to memorize at least one scripture each day

Each day try to find one Bible verse and focus on that verse for the day. Simply write down that Bible verse and at several times throughout the day take a look at it. What is God trying to say to you through this verse? Are there any lessons you can take away from this verse? Or how can you apply this verse to your life?

As a child of God, reading the Bible and knowing the Word of God is the life blood of a child of God. You simple MUST know the Word of God if you are going to stand against the enemy. Remembering know the Bible and so he will try to use it against you by twisting the Word of God like he did with Eve (Genesis 3: 1-5)  and Jesus (e.g. Matthew 4:8-11), therefore you NEED to arm yourself with scriptures so that when he comes you will have the Word of God to stand on.

A scripture a day will help you to develop spiritual muscles.

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