The Bible, Is it Just a Book?

Completed about two thousand years ago, the one of the oldest book in print today and is the most powerful and relevant to any and every society book ever written.  Since it was written, countless other books have come and gone. But not .

Let’s look at it, even though countless influential individuals and books seeks to demise the as irrelevant and false,

  • The Bible has survived many vicious attacks by powerful people. For example, during the Middle Ages being in the possession and reading the Bible in the language of the common people was increasingly associated with heresy and dissent. As a result of this, scholars who translated the Bible into the language of the people or who promoted the reading of the Bible did so at the risk of their lives, and some were killed.
  • However, despite its many enemies, the Bible became—and continues to be—the most widely distributed book of all time. It is estimated that over five billion copies have been printed in more than 2,800 languages. No other books have come close to this number, no not books dealing with philosophy, science, and related fields, which may have a limited circulation and may quickly go out-of-date.
  • There can be no doubt about it, the Bible has have-and still does- great influence on Western culture, influencing not just religious belief and practice, but also art, literature, law, politics, and other fields too numerous to mention.

But why is the Bible, a book written over two thousand years ago so influential and popular today? Why have people risked their lives for it?

Some of the reasons for this is no doubt that the Bible:

  • The Bible contains moral and spiritual teachings that reflect exceptional wisdom. No other book in print can gives you the level of teaching and or wisdom like the Bible. The Bible is seen as our manual given to us by our creator. The Bible focuses on moral and spiritual education. It gives us insight into “what is righteous and just and fair, the entire course of what is good” (Proverbs 2:9).  To illustrate, a 23-year-old man, whom we will call Stephen, was in prison in Poland. While confined, he began to study the Bible and to appreciate its practical advice. “I now see what it means to ‘honor your father and your mother,’” he wrote. “I have also learned to control my emotions, especially excessive anger.”—Ephesians 4:31; 6:2.
  • The Bible helps us to understand the root cause of human suffering and conflict. When studying a disease epidemic, investigators try to find the cause—what triggered the outbreak. The same principle applies to understanding the “plague” of human suffering and discord. Again, the Bible is of immense help, for it documents our earliest history, the time when our troubles started.
  • It helps us not only to understand our own lives, but the Bible also offers help to deal and overcome these challenges we face
  • It help us to better understand ourselves and to govern our own lives so we can live prosperous and healthy lives.
  • It gives us hope. For those who are suffering or finding it difficult to survive, The Bible gives us hope, hope that will deliver us, hope that God will not tolerate infustice against his people for long, hope of a better life
  • The Bible is counseling, health, financial, and guide book for every generation

Not only that, but the Bible is a book:

That exposes the truth of creation and our creator

Ancient people, and even millions of people today, worship many different gods. For example, ancient Egypt had a god for almost everything in nature. However the Bible teaches us that there is but one God who created all things, not many gods who are responsible for different areas of mankind and creation. This one God is the one who is responsible and in control of everything, we therefore do not have to pray or worship countless different gods.

Not only that, but it teaches us the truth about creation that the world was created by God and everything in it (Genesis 1 &2).

That is very honest and trustworthy

Whatever God says he will do, that is what he will do, his promises are sure. The Bible doesn’t make mistakes like many of our books do. Not only that but the characters in the Bible are very honest and open about their own failures. For example, after King David committed adultery with a woman named Bath-sheba, he frankly acknowledged: “Against you, you only, have I sinned     and done what is evil in your sight…” (Psalm 51:4).

That teaches us how to live a righteous and good life

Whenever a manufacturer creates anything, he also write a manual of how to use what he creates. This manual tells us the proper way to use the equipment, what it can do and what we should not do with it. God our creator has given us a manual, that manual is the Bible. It tells us what will happen when we use our bodies and minds for things he did not created us for. It tells us what will happen to us when we do not forgive or cultivate qualities that foster good mental health, qualities such as compassion and forgiveness; when we misuse our resources; how to stay healthy and so much more.

It is a book for every aspect our lives.


The Bible addresses life big questions

The Bible is the only book that can tell us about every aspect of human life, creation and the universe on a whole. Science has answers to all kinds of questions. But science, enlightening though it is, has limits. Not only is that, but scientist makes mistakes, the Bible don’t. For example at one time it was believe that the world is flat, however, the Bible more than 2000 years ago tell us that the world is round (Isaiah 40: 22). Man lately came to that knowledge.

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