Significance of Parental Control App in the Digitalization Era

This is the era of Smartphones and tablets.  every smart device can be used on the go. Every little thing can be found on the Internet and for that all you require a mobile phone that has an Internet connection. Gone are the days when people used to consider television and PCs as the only technology. But now, by the age 2 or 3, kids are able to utilize smartphones and tablets and by the age 10, they think they should have a personal smartphone for themselves. It may sound surprised but yes,  most of the children certainly do get there smartphones by the age of 10.

The hard truth is that this is the smart, digital age and naturally children will have a specific incline towards smartphones and other smart devices. You might be thinking that you can give them a smartphone to your children at a later stage but what you need to understand is that you cannot ignore it completely.  Ultimately, they go on the web and as a result, they get themselves into a lot of troubles. There are issues that children are facing online nowadays. For instance, screen addiction, cyber-bullying, exposure to adult content and what not. What kids don’t understand is that such kind of dangers often to it them in a bad or even worse situation. Since these smart devices are unavoidable, parents certainly need to keep an eye on their children for the best reasons. And the best way to keep an eye on your children at the same time giving them their space and letting them enjoy it by using Parental Control app.

What are Parental Control apps

Parental Control apps of the facility of managing children’s digital lifestyle. Those apps provide more control to the parents and an effective access to their children’s online activities. Right from browsing every single application they utilize to surfing the Internet, everything will be monitored. For their children’s safety, parents can decide what is safe activity or application and what is not in time and take control of it.

You might be thinking that a little usage of a smartphone or any smart device cannot harm your kid or any other for that matter.  but the fact that you need to understand is that kids involvement in the smart devices is increasingly boosting because of the simple access and enjoyment that they provide and as far as the dangers that are associated with smartphones are concerned, can be categorized into three ways. 

  1. Health issues

Too much usage of a smartphone or any other smart device can result in health-related problems such as eyesight, sleep deprivation, neck pain, etc. 

  1. Cyber crimes

Kids who are under teenage often tend to go online and become a prey of eavesdroppers, sexual abusers, spammers, etc.

  1. Developing bad habits

One of the main risks that are attached to the smartphone or any smart device addiction is that it’s time to ignore people and relationships in the real world and end up spending most of their valuable time with people they might have not even met.

Role of parents

With so much technology around, parents certainly have to be the gatekeepers and the watches of their children. Most of the times, kids take their parents as a source of advice in terms of utilizing smart devices. Parents definitely need to talk to their cares about the risks that are involved with too much usage of smartphones and how you can help them set up a firewall further digital life.

Because the end of the day it is your responsibility to keep your kid safe whether he or she is online or offline.

Role of parental control apps

Parental Control applications play a crucial role in keeping your children away from the things that aren’t safe for them. 


Most of the times, children get into bad texting habits which becomes a disturbance later in their life. There are chances for them to be bullied via texts and calls too. Another thing is that they an eye over their surfing activities like what kind of websites they visiting or what or videos they are watching on YouTube. A single click on a wrong website can take them to an adult related website. In addition, the applications they utilize. Not every app on the smartphone is useful for children. Some of them could be for dating or other purposes. By utilizing a parental control application, parents can closely watch their children’s activities which include:

— Text messages

— Call log

— Recently utilized apps

— Internet history 


There are a few aspects that required to be controlled on time:

— Parents can restrict their children’s screen time by keeping a scheduled lock during their meal time, study time, or even some other activities. This helps in blocking screen addiction and the negative impacts of screen time such as eye damage, no physical activity, etc.

— Parents can unblock apps that they think are not safe for their children

 Location tracking

This is another great feature. Whenever your children step out of the house, there are chances for getting lost or any other unexpectable an unfortunate situation. So instead of asking not them to step out of the home or bothering about their safety and security, parents can:

— Track their children every step to ensure that they do not involve any such incidents

— Make virtual fences wherever they find their children most such as school, home, etc. And get informed whenever they reach or leave those places.

— Receive pickup and panic alerts

There are a lot of convenient where’s that the smartphone provides us but at the same time there is an equal number of problems that are associated with the usage of it. If you indeed wish your kids to stay away from unfortunate incidents that smart devices give, then parents need to keep an eye on their children’s smartphone activities.