10 Myths and Facts about Hair Loss

Healthy hair is an attribute of sound body. Taking good care of body gives a state of well being. However, shedding of hair gathered steam recently but has furiously lowered the comfort of people. Hair loss is a complex event for which so many myths are already prevailing. As such it is hard to find what is the fact behind every myth. Conditions get worsened when myths begin to flow as facts. With the adoption of sedentary life style many people are suffering from hair loss. On an average 85.7% of men and 14.3 % of women have undergone surgical procedures.

Below is an effort to sum up most common myths and facts regarding hair loss.

  • Myth: Brainier are more vulnerable to hair loss

Facts: This is a myth because your Intelligence (IQ: Intelligence quotient) has nothing to do with hair loss. Believing the fact that increment in brain activity would cause hair loss is some kind of intended myth as super smartness or enhanced brain activity doesn’t have any sort of impact on either hair follicles or hair.

  • Myth: Massage on scalp will reduce hair loss

Facts: Massaging your scalp up to certain limit is beneficial for hair. Otherwise too much massage will lead to damaged hair. Although massaging the scalp increases the blood circulation which reduces hair loss but that must be done will gentleness. Abrupt massage causes hair loss.

  • Myth: Greasy hair due to conditioner causes hair loss

Facts: Instead of skipping the use of conditioner, modify your way to apply it. Usage of conditioner should be confined to ends of hair strands only will improve the state. Oily hair could be the resultant of too much sebum production (type of oil body produces at the scalp) not the conditioner applied. So, avoiding conditioning your hair due to this reason is not a good idea. Conditioning doesn’t make hair oily or lead to hair loss rather hair will be benefited from nourishing and protecting effects of conditioner.

  • Myth: Usage of same shampoo will reduce its efficacy and causes hair loss

Facts: If a shampoo cleaned your hair on the very first usage, then continuing the usage of that same shampoo could be done without any doubt. The efficacy of shampoo would not change with its long term use with the condition that one has not dyed the hair. Because with the colored hair one needs to switch from regular shampoo to color protecting shampoo. Hydration of hair is also mandatory with the dyed hair.

  • Myth: Multiple combing of hair per day improvise your texture

Facts: Combing hair multiple times in a daily will improve the texture of hair is merely a myth. Excessive combing will cause damaged hair and thinning of hair. Although brushing is important as it dispenses natural oils of the scalp throughout the hair but it should be done with care as is required to untangle hair. Always prefer a brush with soft and wide bristles.

  • Myth: Dandruff will cause hair loss

Facts: Dandruff doesn’t cause loss of hair but it do cause itching which conversely causes hair loss. So, this is a myth as scratching hair due to itching would lead to shedding of hair not dandruff. To rescue as mentioned above one need to make efforts to reduce dandruff which ultimately helps in restoration of hair.

  • Myth: Maternal traits are more likely to cause hair loss

Facts: Many traits got inherited from mother’s side but sticking to the fact that baldness is the one in your case will make it hard to believe. So if anyone in your paternal have a history hair loss, you are still at risk of inheriting hair loss forms regardless of the fact that none is dealing with the same in maternal.

Myth: Stress and Balding

Facts: Stress and balding are very often linked to each other. This has made it essential to reveal that the severity of stress matters a lot if one put stress and baldness together. Hair loss which occurs as a resultant of stress is reversible. So, one can wind up by saying that only extreme stress would act as a trigger for baldness. Post partum anxiety, accident, death of any near one etc are some of the circumstances which can come under extreme stress cases.

 Myth: Wearing cap or hat will make you go bald

Facts: Hair need oxygen to grow, which is supplied by blood vessels present on the scalp. Wearing a tight cap or cloth on the head would hinder proper blood regulation of the scalp and cause damage to hair follicles to facilitate shedding of hair. So, this is a myth as it is not the hat/cap which is the reason for hair loss.

 Myth: Playing with your hair can cause hair loss

Facts: Running fingers through your hair will not do any harm but irresistible urge of pulling out of your hair will cause hair loss. This compulsive action of pulling hair will cause trichotillomania- a form of hair loss.