Spruce Up Your Yard with These Amazing Landscaping Ideas

For years, along with backyard maintenance and lawn care, landscaping has been an effective method to enhance the look and aesthetic appeal of your home. Modify few features in your property’s landscape design and you can achieve a brand new look for your home.

Whether you want to prep up the look and bring your existing home back to life or looking for great decor ideas for your new home, landscaping can be your go-to option. Furthermore, if you are on a tight budget, check out these incredible home decor and landscaping ideas that can boost the look of both your existing and new home.

Choose a Spot for Flower Bed

Flowers always help in making a property more harmonious and welcoming. Some spaces in your outdoor are traditional choices for a flower bed, such as the entrance of your home, the fence out in front of the yard, etc. These locations are quite common, yet they serve as the ideal position for your flower bed since they form a transition between your mansion and the main garden spaces. Hence, it would be great to have your flower beds up close.

Plant the Ideal Flowers

Decorate the foundation of your home with various perennials and annuals to offer a natural splash of colors at your property all year long. Lily-of-the-Nile, ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ roses, Petunia, and Snapdragon are some of the best inclusions you can have in your entrance way. Moreover, if you have a small space between the street and your house, build a low fence in the front of your yard. You can also avail this fence for planting vines and flowers.

Cover Your Driveway with Hedges

You can transform the unattractive driveway of your home into a gardener’s paradise by incorporating a low boxwood hedge. For more information, you can browse websites like kinglandscapeco.com where you will find a wide range of outdoor landscaping options. With few steps like choosing the perfect plants and materials, you can easily cover up your average driveway. Integrating a low boxwood hedge with perennials, annuals, and roses that vary in colors, heights, and textures can provide your home with a ‘fairytale’ look.

Deer-Proof Your Garden Space

To prevent your beloved flower beds and garden being eaten up by deer, which can be really heartbreaking and unfortunate for you; you should plant flowers that the deer will not find interesting. It is easier said than done, but going for deer-averse perennials like globe thistle, butterfly weed, and ‘Royal Red’ butterfly bush can save your garden from deer.

Opt for Hanging Baskets and Elevated Planters

If you want to receive praises for your outdoor landscape design, add jaw-dropping layers to your yard with hanging baskets and elevated planters. Also, incorporating these planting options require minimal effort and give your yard an impressive visual effect. Your building’s outdoor landscape will become unavoidable for the guests visiting your home, as the exceptional height of these planters can make your property aesthetically pleasing.


Finally, the motivation behind designing the outdoor space should always be to enhance the beauty of your home. Follow the aforementioned outdoor landscaping ideas and give your residence a delightful look.

Author Bio – Jack Dsouja is a decor expert who is specialized in designing flower beds at commercial properties. He is impressed by the designing projects of websites like kinglandscapeco.com and writes about them in her blogs.