How To Use Your Gifts and Talents: What Do You Have In Your Hand?

Each one of us was created to fulfil a divine purpose. The fact that you didn’t born still-birth and is alive now means that you have been entrusted with something that God wants you to use for his glory. It does not matter who you are, what you have done in life, what your family background is, or what your status in society is; you were born for a great purpose and God want each one us to fulfill our purpose.

Many people at this present moment are living below their privilege and not fulfilling their purpose; they should be the head but instead they are the tail; they manifesting the power of God but instead they are living a defeated and depressive life; they should be running their own business but instead they are wasting their gifts and talents doing a job they don’t want to do. Do you know what you have within you; do you know what God has entrusting in you? You were not created to live in poverty or below your privilege; neither did God form you in your mother’s womb for you live the rest of your life seeing yourself as someone that is not important or have nothing to contribute to your church, workplace, family or to society. If you do not realize this as yet, YOU ARE A MIGHTY MAN (or WOMAN) and you need to start realizing your purpose and start maximizing your gift(s).

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There was a time when the children of Israel were slave in Egypt for over 400 years; 400 years not able to be who God created them to be, living below their potential. The time came when God sent his servant Moses to tell the king of Egypt to let his people go free, “I have seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters….”-Exodus 3:7. Like the children of Egypt, many of us are in slavery; slave to low self-esteem, past hurts and mistakes, rejection, and feeling inferior to others. God has sent deliverance but we refuse to accept our deliverance because slavery has become a part of us; but enough is enough, it is time to break free from who you were yesterday and become who God created you to be.

[pullquote] Do you know what you have within you; do you know what God has entrusting in you? You were not created to live in poverty or below your privilege neither did God form you in your mother’s womb for you live the rest of your life seeing yourself as someone that is not important or have nothing to contribute to your church, workplace, family or to society. [/pullquote]


God asked Moses, “What is that in thine hand? And he said, a rod”-Exodus 4:2. Like Moses, each one of us was born for a purpose and it’s therefore not by chance that we happen to be place in the Kingdom of God at a specific time in history, and at a particular place. Each one of us has a purpose to fulfill and each one of us have something to use, for Moses it was his rod; my rod maybe that I love to counsel those that are facing emotional issues, yours maybe that you’re a gifted singer or teacher. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done in your past; God is not interesting in your past mistakes, your family background, your educational level or who you are, all he is interesting is if you are willing to allow him to use you. Moses had a speech impediment and also committed murder, Miriam gossiped, Gideon was insecure, Jacob cheated his brother of his birthright, Zacchaeus was short, but all of them were used by God to do something mighty. Perhaps your purpose is to invent something that will change the world; perhaps it is to help the poor; or perhaps your purpose is to own your own business or perhaps God want to use you as a prophet,  teacher, pastor or a praise and worship leader in your place of worship. Moses purpose was to be the instrument God used to bring an entire nation out of slavery; yours may not be on such a large-scale but nevertheless is very important.

God do not always call the qualified, but he qualifies the call; God has invested something within each one of us for a divine purpose. Sometimes, for God to cause our gifts and talents to manifest he first have to bring us into the wilderness where he breaks us until we’re fit for the master’s use. He will send you to care for sheep so that he can equip you with the skills needed for his purpose.


Mordecai said unto Esther (Esther 4:14) “For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and they father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”-Esther 4:14


For some of us what we have in our ‘hand’ is our voice, while for another its ministering of the word, all of us is given a ‘rod’. There is no greater pain for a person than for that person to give someone a precious gift and then see that person squander or waste that gift. If your mother had to work two or three jobs just so you can get the opportunity to go to university to obtain a degree, the least you can do is to go to class and try to do your best to show your mother that you appreciate the sacrifice that she made for you especially when she have two other persons who she could have given it to but chose you. It cost God great pain and sacrifices so that you could have the opportunity to come into the kingdom for such a time as this and waste your gift-Ephesians 4:7-11

No one can do your job or has your anointing as each anointing is unique to the individual, but you can be replace. God is not short of persons he can use to do what you refuse to do and heaven won’t go bankrupt if you decide not to sing a song, prophesy again, preach his word or refuse to use what he has given you for HIS PURPOSE. Our gifts and talents are not for us but it is for someone else; don’t let your brother die because you had what he needed but was too caught up nursing your wounds because someone said something to you that you didn’t like; brush yourself off and USE WHAT YOU GOT!! It’s not for you- Ephesians 4:12-14

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How can I use my gifts and talents?

Here are some tips how you can use your gifts and talents

  1. Know who you are in God and that you were born for a God-given purpose
  2. Seek and or ask GOD for what he wants you to do or be in his kingdom and in this life. After you have asked God, allow him to guide you while taking a look at you’re driven towards, and what you are good at. Most likely what you are good at and love to do is your gift and or calling. Keep in mind that some of us have more than one gift
  3. Develop your gift. Practice becomes perfect and whatever you do often becomes a part of you. For example, if you would love to preach start practicing to preach in your bedroom and spend time reading the Bible.
  4. Work your gift. Your gift will not be fully functional if you sit on it. Get busy and start doing what you are called to do. If you are not active doing what you were created to do then on the Day of Judgment you will have to give an account to God for why you sit upon your gifts and talents.

Start applying these tips to your life and I am sure you will start walking in your purpose. Do not let anyone stand in your way of becoming who God created you to be and using your gifts and talents. There will be roadblocks but they are only there to not only stop you but also to test your strength.

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