Signs a Guy Wants a Relationship with You

Every second a relationship is started, and every second another relationship has ended, some in disaster. The truth is, we are living in a world where many people enter relationships not because they have genuine feelings for the other person, but for what they can get, for example sex.

Relationship should be about love, but again love is very over-rated these days, trust, intimacy, wanting the other person best interest and growth; without these relationships will fail. More importantly, if God is not in the mix, relationship will fail.

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Today I want to turn my attention to the ladies and answer the question that is on thousands of female’s lips, How Do You Know If a Guy Wants a Serious Relationship with You? There are many ways you can know and some guys are very deceptive, but I would like to focus on just a few ways you can know a guy is really interesting in having a relationship with and not just want to have sex with you.

  1. When he takes you out it’s not because he wants to get in your pants, especially on the first date. I know we are living in a culture where people will meet each other for the first time and have sex, also having sex and the first date is expected, but if a guy is really interesting in having a long term relationship with you, and your not just a one night stand for him, then for the first few dates he just want you guys to get to know each other. I do understand that at times chemistry will fly, but you can simply know if all a guy wants to do is to have sex with you base on his behavior and conversations you guys have.

Similarly, I know we are living in a culture that believes in sex before marriage, but I strongly believe that if a guy is willing to wait until after marriage then you are sure he really wants to be with you until death do you part. Marriage is God’s ordain principle and is one that will prevent you from selling yourself short for a one-night stand.

  1. He calls or text you often and the conversations are not all about sex. When a guy is really interested in having a meaningful relationship with you he can’t stop calling or texting asking you how you are, how’s your day going etc. You both will be talking for hours and it has nothing to do with sex or how much he loves and want to be with you.
  2. His friends and family knows about you. If a guy talks about you with his friends (and it has nothing to do about what he did to you last night), then he is really interested you. If he introduces you to his family then you know you are definitely the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.
  3. He is not afraid to go out with you. No guy really wants to go out and spend money and time on someone he doesn’t really care about. If the only place you guys goes together is either his house or yours, then he is only in it for the sex, nothing more. And chances or he already have another girl that he has introduced to his family and friends.
  4. When you call he always busy and making excuses. These are clear signs that he doesn’t want to talk to you. I do understand that at times he might be busy, but if he really wants to talk to you he will call you back when he gets the chance.
  5. He shows it in his action and how he speaks to you. Love cannot hide, so if he really has the ‘hots’ for you then it will show, no matter how much of a macho man he claims to be.
  6. He is interested in your growth. If a guy is really looking to have a long term relationship with you then your personal development is very important to him. He is not all about his wants and needs, and when you guys talk he don’t talk about himself for most of the conversation, but your needs are also met and your just as important to him as he getting a new job appointment. Not only that he pushes you to fulfill your dreams and develop yourself as a person, and will even tries to help if he can.
  7. He will not try to run when things get rough, but he will try to weather the storms of live with you. Let me ask you this question, if all I want is ‘to get under your pants’, why should I stick around when you learn you have cancer, or when situations get tough? The true test of a man’s love for you is when he gets plenty of reason to run but still stay because he wants you, not the sex or whatever you can give him.
  8. He pays attention to you. When you guys are talking or hanging out his attention and eyes are not all over the place, but he tries to make every moment with you count.
  9. He is very honest with you. When everything is a lie then you know you cannot trust him. Relationships cannot be built on lies, it will not stand strong. Guys that are interested in you will try to be honest with you at all times, especially about his feelings. If he is a liar how will you actually know when he is telling the truth or that he was being truthful when he told you he loves you and only want to be with you?

These are 10 indicators a guy is interested in more than just having sex with you. What is your take on the issue? How do you know if a guy is really interested in a girl? Ladies, and guys please speak up. Please share your thoughts or comments with us by leaving a comment below. Like this article? Please share it on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you will not miss another post from us.