Fighting Spiritual Warfare

From the moment we came out of our mother’s womb we immediately enter spiritual warfare. It is a war that is fought in the spiritual realm and not in the physical, we are only aware of it when it is manifested in the physical, eg crime erupts in your community, war, sickness rocking your community etc.

It is true that our responds to the invincible war that is going on will affect the outcome of the battle, however, we cannot expect to fight this battle on our own terms neither can we fight it using physical weapons (eg our own wisdom, getting in a fight with our neighbors etc), we have to use the weapons that God came us.

Before we can fight spiritual warfare, we first have to acknowledge six (6) principles of spiritual warfare. These are:

1. Satan and demons are very much. Many people would want us to believe that there is no spirit being by the name of Satan and there are no such things as demons, they are only pigment of man’s imagination. That is a lie that Satan and his servants came up with and promote so as to keep the people in darkness. If you do not know that you are fighting a war, then you will not arm yourself for battle and you will not fight.

Jesus came to earth and died so that he may equip us for war. Satan is real and he is going about deceiving and destroying mankind. When the enemy sees you as a threat to his kingdom he will try everything in his power to destroy you. He will use weapons such as sickness, distress, touch your finance and family, demonic attacks among others. The enemy is well arm and dangerous and he is going around seeking whom he may devour.

2. We need to take direction from our Commander-In-Chief, Jesus Christ. We need to understand that everything we know about our enemy is reveal to us by our Commander-In-Chief. Jesus knows the enemy more than we do and he knows how to defeat him, We therefore need to let God lead us. Moreover, not because you defeated the enemy yesterday using prayer, means you can use the same strategy to defeat him today; you therefore need to rely on the Holy Ghost to lead you as he will tell you how to fight.

Sometimes you will have to use praise and worship to defeat the enemy, another time you will have to enter active warfare pulling down strongholds and destroying the weapons of the enemy, another time you might have to speak to the enemy ‘devil, God says I will am beautiful and highly favor, I am not who you says I am’

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3. Know who you are and the power and authority God has given you as a servant of Christ. As ambassadors of Christ on earth (2 Corinthians 5: 20) we have both power and authority to carry out the task Jesus left the church, and that is to win souls for the Kingdom (Matthew 28:19), not only that we have power and authority over Satan and his servants to destroy his works and to defeat him in combat (Matthew 10:1; 16:19; Luke 17: 17-19).

I am convince that a lot of Christians do not know the power and authority they have so they continue to live a defeated life. Many persons allow the enemy to enter their territory and plague their lives with sickness, financial issues, and family issues among others while they do nothing. The Bible says, …” but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”- Daniel 11:32. To win the fight against the enemy you need to come to realization of who you are and the power and authority Jesus has given you; and the power that comes through the name of Jesus.

4. Put on the whole armor of God. Before a soldier goes to war he ensures that he is first well protected by putting on his armor. So too, if we are to defeat the enemy we need to know and put on the whole armor of God, daily. You can find the different spiritual armor given to us by looking at this famous passage of scripture Ephesians 6:11-17

Each day we have to put on the whole armor of God before we step out to work, preach the word of God, or go about our own business as the enemy is always looking for an opportunity to attack us. Many times why we are attack and defeated in certain areas of our lives is because a part of our armor is missing; we cannot afford for this to happen. We will slip at times, but we must try our very best to always have an the whole armor of God

5. Remember the weapons God has given us. God has not only given us Spiritual armor, but also weapons. The weapons of warfare are: the Word of God, prayer, praise and worship, the name of Jesus and sometimes we will have to engage in active combat where we actually have to use actually spiritual weapons such using weapons in the spirit (eg sword, gun etc- keep in mind that these are spiritual weapons, not physical therefore do not go out an buy a sword etc, God is the one that gives these weapons depending on the level of warfare you will encounter and he is the one that will actually direct you in using them).

6. Know your enemy. The weapons of warfare should be not be aim at each other, but at Satan and his servants, they are our real enemies. We have to realize that sometimes the enemy will use the people that are close to us, our coworkers, church brethren and others to fight us- take nothing for granted. By using people the enemy is hoping that he can deceive you in actually attacking them, and not him; therefore causing you to lose the fight.

The Bible says that the enemy is very cunning and so we are to know his wiles-methods of doing things (Genesis 3:1; Ephesians 6: 11). Some of the methods the enemy will use to fight us are: sickness, financial problems, deception, low self-esteem, playing on our emotions etc.

We are on the battlefield 24/7 therefore we cannot afford to give the enemy any space in our lives. What is your take on this topic of Spiritual Warfare? Any experience or tip you would like to share with us? Please share your thoughts or comments with us by leaving a comment below. Like this article? Please share it on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you will not miss another post from us.