Offering the Gift of The Lord’s Prayer to the Woman We Love

The Lord’s Prayer is an elementary form of communication between a devout Christian and the heavenly father he or she worships. It is one of those prayers we are all taught in Sunday school as one of the first expressions of faith at an early age, but it also represents a unique piece of philosophical thought scholars have been thoroughly analyzing and commenting on for centuries, still not managing to exhaust all of its meaning and depth.

One should expect no less from such an important religious staple since the words to the Lord’s Prayer have first been uttered by Jesus after all. There’s so much within them to be discovered about the way Jesus wants us to view God and His relationship to us. For instance, they change our perception of God as a displeased and whimsical persona we’d best be afraid of into an image of a kind and forgiving father whose love is boundless, and whose forgiveness we can hope to attain if we adhere to principles of compassion and decency to our fellow human beings.

The Lord’s Prayer is spoken and treasured in times of joy as well as those of need and worry – by speaking its words and believing them to be true, we place faith in God to provide not for our wants, but for what he knows we need, that which will not break or punish us, but which leads us to become better, more devout, more human.

The importance of the Lord’s Prayer as a symbol of one’s unique connection to God is well-known, and a Christian gift for men and women which depicts it in a tasteful manner is sure to go over well with a person of faith whom you care about and respect. There are many shapes that a motivational gift with religious meaning as its main theme can take on, none of which have the potential to enhance its already great significance like true faith jewelry.

If executed with style and imagination, a Lord’s Prayer necklace like that can be a religious gifts for women or man capable of stirring up deep-seated emotions and invigorating belief in the Lord’s mercy. Too much religious imagery that often times clutters similar Christian necklaces would just take away from the importance and beauty of the words themselves, so striking a fine balance between ornamentation and substance is a must.

This is why the religious necklaces found at are graced with the pure, unadulterated Lord’s Prayer in the Bible. Its eternal words are honored by being inscribed onto the necklace with 24 karat pure gold using a method that ensures that their physical presence will stand the test of time almost as successfully as their spiritual meaning. With artful script and details so delicate as to defy being recreated, these necklaces surpass being just a women religious gifts, taking on a greater purpose of helping to guide one on the path the Lord has set out for us.

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