7 Reasons Why Jesus Is The Ultimate Superhero

Are you fond of superheroes? We have Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and many others. Who among them is your favorite? Why do you like him or her? Which superpower do you like the most?


Now, do you play any Bible game featuring biblical characters? If so, who among them do you like the most? Why? What are his or her most outstanding traits and achievements?


Is it Jesus you’re considering? Well, yes, He is the best of all the others! Why? There are seven reasons you need to know.


What is a Superhero?


A superhero is any fictional character who possesses extraordinary abilities. We call these abilities “superpowers.” He uses these powers to help make the world a better place.


Specifically, he commits himself to the mission of protecting the public. In the process, he tries to resolve crime and fight for the welfare of the victims.


These are some of the most famous superheroes:

  • The Avengers – a team of popular Marvel Comics characters, having superpowers like instant teleportation and sling ring slicer
  • Batman – a bat-like superhero in a black cape possessing powers such as lantern power rings and genie magic
  • Captain America – a patriotic superhero who fought the Axis powers of World War II with his supersoldier formula
  • Doctor Strange – a superhero claiming himself as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth with abilities such as teleportation and telepathy
  • Iron Man – a mainstay Marvel Comics superhero with armor and superpowers like technopathy
  • Spider-Man – a spider-like superhero with superpowers like an explosion, disguise, night vision, and immortality
  • Superman – the acclaimed strongest superhero with superpowers like X-ray vision, flight, and telepathy
  • Thor – a deity and warrior type of superhero with superpowers such as weather modification and electric manipulation


Who is Jesus?


Jesus is God the Son in the Trinity. He is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. Also, He was the one God the Father sent to earth to save humanity.


On earth, Mary and Joseph became His parents. Growing up, He performed healing for sick people such as the paralytic, blind, and lame.


Besides, He performed miracles such as turning water into wine and feeding the five thousand multitudes. At some other time, He preached the Scriptures and told parables to thousands of people.


Lastly, He died on the cross to bear the sins of the world. The blood He shed justified all sinners, giving them the chance to earn salvation. Resurrecting after His death, He commissioned the disciples to preach the gospel into all the world.


What are the Five Reasons Why He is Our Ultimate Superhero?


  • He is real.


In real life, there exist no superheroes with superpowers. We only have human heroes, at least. They are those who had significant contributions to the world before they died.


We highly regard them. For instance, each country assigns a national holiday commemorating the death of its recognized heroes.


On the other hand, Jesus is nonfictional. He exists in reality, being right there in heaven. Once upon a time, He came to earth as a human. People could see, hear, touch, and talk to Him in person.


Would you still want a hero who only exists in books and movies?


  • He is the most powerful.


Among all superheroes we know, Jesus is the most powerful. Knowing that He is our Creator, He has the authority over heaven, earth, and the universe. Therefore, not even one creature or deity compares with His power and glory. He is the Master of all.


Also worth mentioning, God is omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), and omnipresent (all-present). Hence, unlike fictional superheroes, He does not need any superpowers at all.


  • He is perfect.


Think of your favorite fictional superhero. No matter how strong and powerful such a character is, you can still find some weaknesses.


For instance, Superman’s weakness is Kryptonite. Specifically, radioactive shards rob his power. Prolonged exposure to it can eventually kill him.


Surprisingly, it is not the case with Jesus. Investigating everything about His nature, we can never find even one flaw or weak point. He is simply perfect.


  • He is immortal.


Examine your favorite superhero once more. How long does he live? Better to ask yet, does he live forever? Of course, not!


Good thing! Jesus never dies. He is, in fact, the Author and Giver of life. With that, how can He perish?


When He came to earth, He lived as a human. However, being God at the same time, He conquered death.


  • He can never be in danger.


Fictional superheroes are lifesavers. That is, they go to places where there may be trouble. Then, they rescue people and objects, restoring things to normal.


Often, they hurt themselves if the conflict to resolve is beyond their powers. It shows that they have their limitations. Also, they are prone to danger.


Amazingly, Jesus never puts Himself in peril. He does not fear anything because He has control over everything in this vast universe.


  • He never loses connection with His creatures.


One important quality of a real superhero is having a constant connection with people. That is, he or she must be available to serve at all times. Does your favorite superhero possess this trait? They don’t.


Surprisingly, Jesus does! Being an omnipotent and omnipresent God, He can attend to each one of us anytime. He hears our prayer wherever we are.


He maintains a relationship with us through His Word. Also, He allows us to connect with Him daily through prayer and worship. Finally, He manifests Himself through the wonders of nature, giving us the means to meditate.


  • Nothing is impossible with Him.


There is no doubt that fictional superheroes are capable of doing supernatural things. Unfortunately, they have their limitations.


Meanwhile, with God, nothing is impossible. Specifically, His words alone are powerful. When He says, “let there be light,” it comes in an instant.


Besides, He had performed a lot of miracles when He was on earth. In particular, He healed the sick without any medication. He also walked on water, multiplied food to feed 5000 men, and so much more.


Even today, we can still witness God’s wonders as He works in our personal lives. For example, He can protect you from a near-death tragedy by sending His angels. You can’t see them, of course, but you know they are with you.


Final Thoughts


Indeed, Jesus is the ultimate superhero! He has all that it takes.


Fictional superheroes are powerful, but they have flaws and weaknesses. In comparison, Jesus is perfect and all-powerful. Nothing can compare to His greatness.


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